Electricity supplier grab fresh, how to laugh to the end


Electricity supplier grab fresh, how to laugh to the end

introduction: whether the profit margins or purchase frequency, fresh products are higher than other categories, it naturally became the new profit growth stimulating business category. Under heavy difficulties, how to seize the electricity supplier fresh machine, laughing to the end?

electricity supplier war continues to escalate in the fight price era, sacrifice profits and win consumer smile seems to have become industry practice, the major shopping platform of goods sold gross margin falls again. In order to find new profit growth point, the Jingdong began selling "tomato" sell crabs, Amazon, Taobao group purchase up pork, each business platform have to expand product categories, hope that through higher margin fresh food break low interest rate dilemma. However, due to the particularity of fresh goods, business development process will encounter multiple problems, fresh electricity supplier how to laugh will eventually become one of the important topics in the development of the electricity supplier industry.

heavy asset business model

April 2012, Yurun Group in the field of electronic commerce and exhibition, the further innovation of its products network marketing formats at Tmall (Taobao mall) to sell their main push Yurun fresh, cutting-edge products Yurun cold meat, following the success of Taobao Juhuasuan launched the "pork group" has been concentrated into e-commerce horn sounded. Soon, after more than half a year of preparation, the courier industry leading SF's food B2C platform SF preferred launched on May. June Amazon China quietly launched fresh channels, the main seafood. July 18th, Jingdong mall in the tomato event second days high-profile launch of fresh channels.

although the appliance manufacturers are trying to seize the initiative in fresh food, but it is by no means a category of all enterprises can do, in other words, fresh electricity supplier is actually a heavy asset business model. Mainly reflected in two aspects:

first, the logistics cost is too high, whether the company has sufficient assets to support. Because fresh food is too high for the preservation, so companies need to consider what kind of refrigeration equipment to maintain the freshness of food. In the distribution process, there is a high demand for the timeliness of delivery and transportation, and the timely delivery of the quality of the enterprise need to invest a lot of money in the cold chain technology.

secondly, fresh supply chain is complex, whether the company has sufficient asset management. Fresh food is different from other categories of goods, so the quality control is very important, how to control the quality, the majority of enterprises will choose and production base or upstream suppliers, some large enterprises in order to ensure the quality of one hundred percent, will be built from the base, planting and breeding to the finished product, do full control, which requires the enterprise has enough assets into infrastructure, such as Jiangsu Yurun billion investment in the construction of pig breeding base.

business siege, companies need to crack

data show that from the beginning of 2011, there have been hundreds of large and small fresh online shopping platform, 80% distributed in the city of two or three

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