Do not understand Shanghai dragon soft words network marketing path must be tough


Do not understand Shanghai dragon soft words network marketing path must be tough

if we want to know in Shanghai love to guide users to search our brand word to promote Shanghai Longfeng effect? I see a lot of people after answering other questions directly with the brand name in the back, or is the brand name on the back of the front or when asking a question, but this so-called brand name is the problem with eight lever play together, is hard to appear. In fact, the people most.

Shanghai dragon now is more and more complicated, the test is no longer a single factor, but the overall factor is more and more strong. But is the study of the comprehensive quality of network marketing. This is what we want to master a variety of effective means of promotion to promote our site. Because of these for Shanghai dragon is beneficial, such as a very successful online brand, moved to the line is also very easy to success. Because the search their brand word is good for the Shanghai dragon, as we do not do the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Because the other network promotion is favorable to our Shanghai dragon. If your brand name is many people in search of love Shanghai, for a long time, the amount of up after. Shanghai love will give you the website brand words to its brand in the library, it is very useful for Shanghai dragon. Because your site search brand word more people on behalf of your audience more, an audience site search engine is worthy of respect. Even if your site made some mistakes, they did not dare you ZhengZhan K. Because you are the audience, just like playing the ZAC for example, in love not to Sina Shanghai search, users do not think this is the problem of sina, but will think this search engine problems. They immediately changed the search engine, search engine is not acceptable.

I once said the Shanghai dragon is the network marketing in muscle-bone strengthening exercise, this sentence is said before we do network marketing in many moves are Shanghai dragon shadow, if the Shanghai dragon learn all that learning other marketing will become very easy. Which is also called soft advertising in the soft Wen is not of course muscle-bone strengthening exercise, single finger soft, is in fact more advertising refers to the soft and soft boot. Because of the soft people must be doing any network marketing promotion will pay attention to the soft advertising implant. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng is to advertise, but if there is no soft concept of friends, this advertisement may play very hard, to increase our website promotion difficult, very difficult to sell products.

In fact, if we ignore

soft advertising words in the site, then we will be on the keywords ranking and brand marketing also has many difficulties. For example, you write a description of the site is very ordinary, not enough to attract people, so long as those behind you as long as the site description written attractive, with marketing, and soft nature, will not let users feel cheated or disappointed. People will choose to click below ranking in your site, so, in accordance with the principle of love Click Shanghai, your site is likely to be discharged to the back of others. You see this is soft advertising or that soft marketing influence to Shanghai dragon.

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