Discussion on rational feeding chain resources play a greater role


Discussion on rational feeding chain resources play a greater role


We are familiar with the

for writing platform, such as A5, Chinaz, DoNews of the platform, we can also take these space optimization, such as the Links, we can give them a plus, such as their several columns are connected with each other, in fact, we are writing the space to be included, see A5's personal space a new snapshot, or

is the chain resources which in addition to collect, have reasonable feeding, we are most familiar with is a blog, such as their registration of several tea blog, aimed at the promotion of the tea set yourself a few keywords, blog just registered first do not take the chain, the weight of high after the hair of the chain, the belong to the conventional approach. In fact, we can change another way to keep it, treat it as a site to exchange, such as Links, the construction of the chain, the sprocket blog, the original articles published and so on, so that we can enhance the weight of blog, rely on their own copy and paste the article to their own blog weight, the it is fantastic, many Shanghai dragon Er is so, a blog for the chain, so every day I seem to blog a lot of articles, the articles are in fact is not a little effect. Here's how I raised the blog:

when we raise our weight space, then no doubt for us to write their own articles will have a weight upgrade, which can also do the single connection, this is a very good resource, we should make good use of it.

er for many Shanghai Longfeng foreign chain resources the main method is to collect, accumulate some can send the chain forums and create a free blog, the other is that some writing platform, these are free, as long as their usual good at collecting ok. But we found the chain resources is not ideal, such as forums, post easy to sink, the sink once weight is decreased; the blog the chain, the weight is not high, the effect is very poor; soft writing platform, spend more time, not easily through the construction and so on, which prevents us from outside chain.

is the last piece of breeding resources forum, in fact, this is relatively simple, is through.

chain is an integral part of a website, no matter what the site is so, only the site types, method of obtaining just not the same, such as personal website, only through their own manual to publish, and some authoritative website, or you can get a lot of Xu just established the high weight of the single link; the higher the weight of the keywords ranking the better, from the optimization direction of Shanghai dragon now, outside the chain is an indispensable part, a lot of competition sites, the fight is the chain, the chain to see who more powerful, who can have the last laugh.



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