Talk about the nternet page value for small owners enlightenment


Talk about the nternet page value for small owners enlightenment

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, the scarcity of popular talk is also called the ". A mobile phone number of the problems mentioned in this paper, we search for a mobile phone number in Shanghai, in the search results found that many are in the forum or an information platform to see, even if the website user experience is not good, if not too stable, even if the weight is low, but the ranking is still well, because it is unique, it is scarce, the user needed information. This example also underscores a timeless truth: rare. This is a reminder to us very good, that is not heavy, others are some things we do not copy. Otherwise, it is not rare.

some time ago to see an article on the Internet page value of the article, is love engineers in Shanghai from four aspects on the Internet page value, analyzes what kind of page is valuable, why users of the search engine has its value, and the value judgment standard is what. After reading it, feeling very. Feel standing in the search engine's position should be like this. But after all, he is a grassroots webmaster, ability is limited, so on down on some small owners enlightenment summed up their own ideas.

is the last time, the news is usually referred to. We can think, why news websites generally have high weight, why news pages included faster than the general Internet pages included, that is because it has timeliness. The news is that the focus of a "new" word, we do not know if you know the first time, then you will get a lot of users, for a long time in the past, it will form a brand. Since timeliness is a "standard of value judgment, so the enlightenment to us is very clear.

then page quality. Page quality is determined by many aspects. Several factors including stability, bear the brunt of the web page layout, web access speed, and web browsing experience poor. These aspects together determine a "hardware condition. A simple example of a disc like delicious food, is very delicious, the less the same will not work, but the dish itself is also can affect the final taste. "The quality of the food itself and the good and bad is a reason, without any one, then the page value will be discounted.

first talked about is the size of the audience. On the Internet, "after all is in order to meet the public demand for information, so the audience influence will directly affect the value of the size of the page. For example, the fifth diary is a meaningful to fifth family and close friends ", while a star diary has influence on fans and public groups", so the "value of the audience more widely, so the comparison will be more valuable. This gives us a revelation in the usual website promotion process, try to update the contents of the public love.

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