Love Shanghai pay more attention to the original A5 algorithm to update the original support


Love Shanghai pay more attention to the original A5 algorithm to update the original support

said today the topic is I experienced the most troublesome problem, is not to say that our webmaster friends are not original, but very pseudo original, when you see me as a person, you never know my name is Mo Xiangzhao, but you are in stationmaster net or other website to see my original article, I am not mixed with the Internet, now is the bright younger generation for 13 consecutive days of 27, the original issuance, but only one is not webmaster network through the audit, I can have this ability is derived from the history of 10 years, 02 months, I went on the Internet on the road, but the scene is on the net, the webmaster webmaster information is active, and never speak up, I concentrate on studying the existing owners of the article, why should I do such a foolish thing, the reasons are as follows: 1. of his students Life is mostly absorbed knowledge is not much, even if you can learn to learn every day, in only fifty percent, I understand my education is not enough, the result is not good. 2. people can always learn more than their progress in our daily, this often said that it is never too old to learn, but little real action, I did move, because I want to succeed, I want to change myself. 3. now stationmaster friends to learn Yimushixing, comments are passing across, etc. "

today is the Mo Xiang Mega share a new discovery, that is love Shanghai updated algorithm pay more attention to the original content, at this time of writing this article, I had two days of the original article is still in admin5贵族宝贝 webmaster net home page, "Mo: Discussion on the original" Xiang Mega importance for future development in the webmaster the article I listed three aspects to the original, you will XX. Also included is also very good, and other friends in pseudo original, here the more I adhere to the original, now webmaster friends say the original is difficult, but now I love Shanghai latest update algorithm, compared my submission included, very optimistic, the same article, Google included a love of Shanghai not a love, Shanghai pays more attention to original content, today I share love Shanghai algorithm update webmaster to do the original, and now as the webmaster admin5贵族宝贝 station network is one of the hot essay activities, is paid attention to the original type, support from upgrading the ability of the owners, but the stationmaster net the essay in the original webmaster is scanty, until today with Mo Xiangzhao: "enjoy life, my ceramic, my dream" etc. The only forty original articles to participate in this activity, visible stationmaster friends of the original article, after these days I contact the original seven or eight article review, the problem is difficult to master the original, not original, do not know what the original, found today this love Shanghai algorithm to update the attention to the original tell you webmaster friends of the above three aspects, we let the webmaster friends love the face of Shanghai new algorithm, and the optimization of business website, the chain and so on, can make the enterprise strive for further improvement.


first: the first principle is not always the original forged article

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