New features Google webmaster tools is judged to copy the contents of the owners will receive a remi


New features Google webmaster tools is judged to copy the contents of the owners will receive a remi

this new function, the website owner can clearly know that a page is your baby with the other "noble" to replace the domain name or the other, usually the following situations will lead you to the page by other web pages or other domain name instead of ".

October 31st, noble baby published an article on its official noble baby WebmasterCentral blog, the main content is: if you have a web page being judged to copy the contents of nobility baby which does not appear in the search results, then you will receive a reminder message that you You'll see. why does this page wood ranking, and if you see this message, this article is absolutely your own original, is the baby wrong, then you can also appeal.

article said that if the noble baby found a group containing duplicate content ", will use the algorithm to elect a representative as" standard page "from the group", this group contains duplicate content "may have come from a different domain, the baby will choose the noble standard in different domain the web page called" cross domain URL".

believe that English Shanghai Longfeng colleagues know, now the baby is two nobles can judge even more article, which is replicated, which is original, although we do not know the specific algorithm and the dominant factor, but there is one thing we can be sure of: sometimes noble baby the judgment is not very accurate.

website owner provides a "standard page", such as the use of "rel=canonical" provides a standard page, then the noble baby in judgment, will remind you, is mainly used to confirm your settings.

if your site has the same name of the country station, such as domain贵族宝贝,,, then the same article on these sites will be judged as duplicate content, but the noble baby will search according to the language standard display page corresponding to language, that is to say, if a user search keywords of the UK so, it will be the this noble baby under article page of the domain name returned as the standard to the search page. >

for the duplicate web pages have many solutions, the most simple and reasonable is the use of rel=canonical tags. But not all site owners are concerned about the problem of duplicate pages, if the owners ignore this point, do not use any way to mark a standard page, then the baby will have their own noble judgment, which means that the judgment error, which is why sometimes the owners find myself wanting to be included and noble baby give a ranking of web pages is just less than a page that he did not care about.

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