Personnel must know the six Shanghai dragon spider trap


Personnel must know the six Shanghai dragon spider trap


second: Session ID

search engine spiders to jump is very sensitive. Because of the love for the black hat Shanghai dragon jump this way. Black.

is right, is right. So, if you want your web crawling by search engine spiders, and grab. Your site must comply with the search engine spiders taste. If you see it a website, it was too frightened to go, this is very serious consequences.

believes that this website will have many. In order to make the user experience better, the website looks more beautiful, put a lot of flash animation. "A lot", I said here is a lot of oh. A large number of flash animation and the consequences of only one, that is the search engine spiders crawl to your page, but. In the crawl after pretreatment of this piece, screenwriters. Because the extraction is not a Chinese text. No Chinese text, search engine spiders will know how to catch "the content of what ah. In particular, made with flash navigation, the most dangerous.

1: flash


do Shanghai Longfeng personnel all know, want to do a web search to the user, you must select a keyword. Then the selected keyword ranking can do.


, a small part of the site may be used. Once the website uses Session ID, each visitor will come to a different ID, are you in this website. The search engine spiders too. Then, once the first search engine spiders to crawl your site address, after URL. Next to it, Session will give the spider a different ID number, the spider would repeat a crawl through your website, but URL is not the same. This result is, the search engine spiders will think that there are a large number of duplicate content you this website. Your site will become increasingly uninterested, finally do not come. For non Session to use the ID website, avoid method is to allow programmers to design out a set of special identification code search engine spiders. The difference between a spider or user.

third: jump

is like a boy for his beloved girl, if the boy made the girl does not love things to please her. It is not a pure zhaochou. She will be more and more hate you, even far away from you.

so, what is the site, will make the search engine spiders stop

also know, want to have ranking, the first step is to have their own website. Then make your own website search engine spiders crawling and crawling. After a period of time, plus external chain means. After a period of time, I believe we will have a good ranking.

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