Google search function automatic filling wall allegedly containing defamatory tips


Google search function automatic filling wall allegedly containing defamatory tips

in mid May of this year, Karlsruhe in Germany, the German Federal Court ruled that Google search "automatic filling function" contains scandalous search tips ", Google should delete defamatory search tips, to protect the rights of the individual. After the decision was announced, Google said "disappointed and surprised". But the decision by the German public opinion welcome, think it protects the personal reputation and other rights.

search automatically fill the infringement of

, the federal court ruled that the search engine "automatic filling function principle is no problem, but if someone points out a search prompt infringement of its rights or damage to its reputation, the search engine operator has the responsibility to remove infringing speech, and tort compensation again.

in Cologne last May dismissed the plaintiff's prosecution, that Google search tips based on the lexical frequency are inappropriate. However, for the protection of the rights of individuals to consider, the federal court overturned a state court ruling on the case.


last year, founder of a German sales network company of health care products and cosmetics, search text box enter your name in Google, found below the text box will automatically display the "Scientology" and "fraud" and other words. The entrepreneurs believe that the violation of individual rights, suggesting that loss of corporate reputation, so the Google court in cologne.

Google search "automatic filling function" refers to the user search words in the input, search below the text box will automatically display and search words related to vocabulary for users to choose, which can speed up the input speed, improve the user experience.

contrast, the verdict was widely welcomed by the German public opinion, is thought to have milepost significance.

Google himself no new

this company is headquartered in California's Silicon Valley enterprise spokesman in Germany · Kai; Obbo Beck said after the verdict, Google on the day the federal court ruling "disappointed and surprised", the court finds Google to search text box appear responsible for defamatory content point of view can not understand". The spokesman repeated the earlier argument string "Google should not" autofill "bear the legal responsibility, because that is the prediction made by the algorithm based on the search frequency, not made by Google. He has also expressed a kind of "comfort", because the federal court did not prohibit Google autofill function in germany.

Google seems to deliberately play down the mid May verdict. The company of the encounter adverse ruling but said "disappointed" no new excuse.

of the Hamburg Data Protection Commissioner Johannes · Caspar told the media that the federal court's decision is not for a specific case. If the federal court upheld a state supreme court earlier rulings, so individuals in the face to see search tips almost incapable of action.

The state Supreme Court

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