Amoy shoes network layout in Shanghai Longfeng way from the perspective of website architecture (1)


Amoy shoes network layout in Shanghai Longfeng way from the perspective of website architecture (1)

1) Amoy shoes network layout of unity URL

URL a small details can make the website more relaxed, at least in the user view, clean URL seems to really gain a lot of


Taoxie has a detail is worth to consider, that is used for header and footer, because in the Amoy shoes network, in addition to the homepage, header and footer and the rest of the page is JS package, the spider is not to take up, down to explain.

as shown above, a JS code will introduce some documents and the bottom head of the blockade, is indeed a very good.

yesterday, has just completed the "two article defect" lefeng贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon set from the internal structure, so here, I continue this time we see website Amoy shoes network, in the love of Shanghai search "shoes" when ranking but in footwear website ranked most have the advantage so, this website has let us analysis room.

home directory "URL" content as shown in figure

can be seen from the picture above Amoy shoes Network for the entire station URL redirection, but also for the product URL is more prominent, make HTML pages appear directly in the two levels, which should belong to as much as possible to increase the page weight in Shanghai Longfeng bar, delayering.

in the overall layout of Shanghai Longfeng Amoy shoes network, is a very standard, basically see this website you can find two words from the inside as a refreshing feeling, either from the HTML or URL standard, adjust the layout, all belong to a very carefully, then I will mention the URL layout the characteristics of Amoy shoes network.


making shoes "Amoy Amoy shoes", but also from the other points on the long tail keywords layout and no other site has the advantage of good, not much gossip said, slowly write about recent discoveries.


not only that, Amoy shoes network catalog are also possible to static into two levels, all in the directory parameters are reflected in the two levels in the directory, as shown in figure



(header) 2 Amoy shoes network and footer) using

In fact, in many cases it seems In fact,



, Amoy shoes network love Shanghai source of traffic and no other shoe web traffic, for example we search "Nike shoes", ranking as shown below (ranked just screenshot)

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