Examples of analysis to the Google study methods to improve the user experience


Examples of analysis to the Google study methods to improve the user experience

today I when query their own a small station, found that Google search preview preview function than more clear, first I thought it was some big station will be the case, but a station I can, but this preview function is Google more focus on user experience. And when a user searches for a word, can preview first look at the content of the website, so users can be reduced into irrelevant to the website, today I will use examples to explain Google's new version function method to improve the user experience:

first, I used SITE in the Google query a station, the author of the figure:

finally, for the index of this method, I do not know Google is not borrowed from other search engine, after all, the author also recently began to pay attention to the index change of Google, and Google is also rumored to be re scored, this is not the first one into the mainland market forces? Google has been pay more attention to the user experience, and it also know the importance of good user experience. So, for what reason I can make nothing of it.

Through the above

website optimization is to make the site the maximum possible in the search engine's exposure in front of the user, so the owners should always pay attention to the trend of search engine, and prepare accordingly, in case of no danger of anything going wrong. The so-called friend, baizhanbudai, for index trends such as Google, suggest the webmaster should look, maybe a good effect appeared. The most effective weight-loss drug 贵族宝贝jianfeiyaocn贵族宝贝 exclusive feeds, please.

can see Google is no longer in the content page URL as a source, but according to the home page, column page title and then directly use the title of the page to display, so that even if the content pages of the website and short and easy to remember, is not in the Google show, and you can see the detailed information black box which can show the content page, as in Google directly browse the site, of course, for this index method, maybe a little good for the website, but for users, it is great, it is very good for saving the user time, indicating that Google has always been the pursuit of is the user experience, and even the indexes are more humane, is worthy of the global search engine boss.


second, Google seems to do such an index in a very friendly user experience, allows users to stick on time in the Google search engine will increase, for the website, mainly is to let users easily know what is the content of the website, you can easily tell what is not what you want information. So, to a certain extent, this is a win-win situation.


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