The website is to enhance the 11 methods of the spider crawling


The website is to enhance the 11 methods of the spider crawling

webmaster tools to checkThe hope to help you!

3, the page should be concise, to ensure open speed

very useful!

4, check the internal link structure, remove dead links and duplicate link

website established the relevant personnel should be given a web page address table, website operators should pay attention to whether these links can open or web link analysis tools using effective links, such as the noble baby webmaster tools, web site map tool SiteMapBuilder

1, regularly update the article

site map that do have it industry website owners will have noticed, because the production is simple, the site map may be a whole page site the most simple, but very important! Of course, if you do a map to see it, I suggest you use the tool (if you hand to the industry website a spider map, I admire your brother: you cow!)

6, with a noble baby crawling

link! ! The reverse link,

believe that most of the webmaster are noble baby backstage administrator used the tool center, if you feel the slow crawling speed can properly improve baby crawling speed (noble emotion: love what time to Shanghai to catch up with the noble baby let me set the appropriate a spider crawling speed)

this industry website is really very difficult to grasp, but also to the website interface, only in the preparation of site code on DIV CSS can pay more attention to, can also form,

7, making the site map site, including HTM and XML formats

8, ensure that the server returns the correct data.

5, as much as possible from the formal and related sites for reverse link

regular search engine principle you give me more, I return to you more and more, of course, CTRL C CTRL V is the site of their hearts have their own views! Regular updated daily amount is not a fixed pattern, but the special period is reasonable is very good, pay attention to one of the industry's most concerned the regularity of the special problem, to guide the spider

summarizes 11 kinds of methods to improve the spider crawling website, write


if I want to go to the registration according to photos, often go to a day to go to the morning suddenly closed, not open, not to the afternoon, I eat cold-shoulder treatment, maybe my impression will be discounted, I will think about it next time to photography, I go to when they will not be the same. Always test server access log, analyze the causes, solve the trouble of

regularly check the site to add links, whether it is Links or soft

2, make sure the server working properly

After the

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