What is your site to do the chain.


What is your site to do the chain.

, a web site keywords ranking, not only need high quality content, but cannot do without a strong chain. Of course, the two is not absolutely can make full ranking in front, there are also many factors affect the ranking, but the strong construction of the chain, which can make the site's ranking rose to a role in promoting, or over the years, the Shanghai dragon industry, also will not have the "content is king the chain for the emperor said," how important is visible outside the chain for the website ranking.

soft Wen promotion is a good method for the chain, if you can still write some text, contribute to some sites, there are many high weight website allows Free submission, add to the optimization of the website URL or link anchor text, soft to be included by the audit by many websites the amount of the transfer, if the content of high quality, and the content is more attractive, this article reprint volume is great, the chain number of such sites increased very quickly, and the chain high quality soft Wen will generally not be deleted, is very stable, so I love this chain the way.

but in this place links need to be large to effect (this amount is not in a forum, but in different forums) because the weight of the chain now forum search engine to the quite low, no large quantity is difficult to see the effect, if any the government or educational forums such as resources, as much as possible in the forum above to stay outside the chain, because these sites have a certain authority, the search engine on this forum very seriously, and give the weight of relatively high, very helpful in this kind of place to stay on the weights of the website links ascension, but this kind of forum website general appraisal is very strict, so when to stay outside the chain to grasp the scale of.

but the chain is really a very tired very hard and very boring things, in order to make the website has a good ranking, most of the webmaster for the hair of the chain and the difficulty of the brains, from dawn to dusk every day outside the chain, not go to the forum posting replies, blogging is left link, blog and so on, basically every day doing a lot of repetitive work outside the chain, sometimes in order to number of every day the chain often busy late into the night, but received the effect is not obvious how the. Take my L-carnitine website, before in order to add more the chain to the site, a lot of the forum is where I often go, because so many high weight forum basically has the function of signature, and the chain of the forum included also soon.

free blog outside the chain, this method is to use some of the free blog post, add the URL to do outside the chain, such as Sina, NetEase, and so some high weight website to provide free blog, this method had a lot of people use, now the people feel that with fewer people. Because the use of these free blog to do outside the chain slow, the search engine on the blog included now is not so fast, and >

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