How to make search engines love you the pseudo original


How to make search engines love you the pseudo original

third, reconstruction into pseudo original content. This is a natural step is the key is to determine whether the pseudo original search engine of love is a crucial step. This step involves many small details. Such as a set of keywords. Usually to set the appropriate keywords in the title, but in the content, can also set up some key words. And keywords in the content of your website should also have certain attributes of uniform distribution, to avoid the risk of one of the key words.

from the title, it seems to be a false proposition, for search engines, the vast majority of cases is not love pseudo original, because for search engines, pseudo original up again good, also may not have the original content valuable, so I want to let the search engines love on the pseudo original, that is how is difficult. But if you have the pseudo original value, then let the search engines love you false original is still possible, but you need to make innovation appropriate to.

first, select the relevant content. Pseudo original natural premise to find the corresponding pseudo original content, before many people make false original, love to be lazy, just on the Internet to find some spam, then posted on his website keywords, and then the pseudo original content. This content is obviously difficult to attract search engine. This to choose the content analysis, we must choose their website and core keywords is related to the content, this is the first step to achieve pseudo original key.

second, the content of high quality. Of course here is still to choose pseudo original content, when you choose the content relevance, still need to analyze whether the quality of these contents meet the requirements, only to meet the requirements of the pseudo original, can really play a specific role. Because when you choose the content of the quality is very high, this time after your pseudo original, even than the original content slightly lower, there would be no value, will also have a certain value. Thus, when you're ready to make false original, must choose some high quality and relevant content.

second details is to do rewrite work, to the contents of the text re creation, but also in the creation, but also implant some of their own experience, so you can make the pseudo original content has become a real.

, that is to say, want to search engine love on your pseudo original content, can not simply use the traditional way of writing, or by replacing the first paragraph, or synonyms, or even written by pseudo original tools, such as the preparation of pseudo original content quickly, but these are undoubtedly belong to junk content, which not only do not allow search engines to love you, or even abandon your site, your site into the garbage site group. In order to let you avoid spam sites into the ward, the following analysis of how to let you become the search engine to favor the pseudo original content.

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