Shanghai dragon new orders after what needs to be done


Shanghai dragon new orders after what needs to be done

finally, reasonable distribution of their work time, the revolution has not yet succeeded, the body matter

Shanghai dragon Er often orders list is not usually what big list, because most of us are personal orders, regardless of the time or resources, it is difficult to put some very competitive keywords to the first page. But like the general customer can choose to optimize professional company or Shanghai dragon studio to do, like our amateur orders are usually encountered some enterprise website, enterprise website optimization is not responsible for. Difficulty is the enterprise station design or code confusion, especially a lot of code is not fit to be seen. A large number of irregular forms and styles, for this website do not say first outside the station to station is, you'll have trouble enough.

should be how to do? program

then, making every day and the content of the work plan, execution must be carried out in

first, the initial diagnosis of customer sites, it is best to write a simple


where to start? The first preliminary diagnosis under the customer's site, analysis of problems from the following website page design, web page code, website content, like the doctor patient doctor, must first find the cause, then an antidote against the disease. The Shanghai dragon Er, write a simple optimization solution should not be what problem. The key is finished can implement it, for example: a business website for the code is not standard, the station needs to carry out rectification, customers can not accept? These problems are good communication with customers.

website has been modified, the next step is to develop a work plan, specific to every day how much hair outside the chain, a few updated daily original articles, how much do every day outside the chain of resources of each type. If the new station, one month before the specific tasks, different stages of optimization methods and efforts should be differentiated. So all these things have to write, and then follow the prescribed order of execution, not what to say, have to rely on their own to strictly abide by the. Work must be detailed, so as to better use of time. Time is like cleavage, squeeze there, don't blame yourself no time.

spare time orders of the kids on the life is a broken winged angel, the body vulnerable. Shanghai Longfeng workers generally are more tired, and now the price of cabbage has come to life, must be dry cargo. And really can easily do.

like author orders the novice, then a single list is not easy. The novice is to pick a single to earn extra money, on the other hand is to accumulate experience. I feel the latter is more important, because once you have customer resources and rich experience. The Shanghai dragon Er future development be of great advantage, this article is for the orders of the novice friends to write, welcome veterans. Shanghai Longfeng newcomer a single list,

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