The reasons of love Shanghai crackdown on medical industry


The reasons of love Shanghai crackdown on medical industry

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where to write? First, the medical industry, medical industry and education industry of Shanghai dragon has always been standing in the front of other industries, can be said to be the latest method of Shanghai dragon, employees are the most original stations, this method is from the medical industry "L-carnitine" began to rise. But now the medical industry of Shanghai dragon has been imponderable love Shanghai, love Shanghai from before the medical industry "extra care" to today's "very hate", had just made a few outside the chain can put the rankings do go up, now is "the hair of the chain to die soon, not outside the chain of death after all, most slow", the original medical website will face the fate of "death". I analysis today's medical website which aspects of Shanghai is not love, must reach the extent of the pressure.


, a social environment: private hospital individual unscrupulous do stink the whole market

medical industry violence has attracted more and more "Putian" hospital opened, single disease hospital has done, take the Changsha, light andrology hospital has 8 (just occupy 8 positions in Shanghai, the promotion of love) due to the fierce competition, the increasing cost of investment the hospital, had to come back from the patients to find the so-called fleece. So there is a "a cold spent more than 6000", "personal streamer inspection fee on more than 5000", "cut a prepuce anti-inflammatory fee will be more than 8000" phenomenon, so popular discontent, black heart hospital exposure often thus, resulting in the minds of the people in all private hospitals are bad effects of black heart hospital ". I love Shanghai for their innocence, to suppress the medical industry.

Shanghai flaunt love

two, the user experience of the site: too utilitarian marketing does not conform to the user experience of

today saw a Shanghai Dragon God Wang Tong, engaged in medical Shanghai dragon filled with a thousand regrets, for five years, witnessed the Shanghai dragon from the rise to the peak, and then to today love Shanghai occasional convulsions, I had to write this article to pay homage to the medical industry, I feel you

medical website user groups are mostly patients with special needs groups. They are worried of waiting for treatment, is the so-called styled, so when the patient in the online search related hospital is often want to consult with a doctor as soon as possible, or as soon as possible on the Internet to hang up the number, this point, almost all hospitals are caught, therefore, in order to let visitors' orders as soon as possible "frequent business pop, almost full screen button consulting, a variety of the most advanced, all professors, all authority, all first came out here, there are two situations: excessive false marketing deceive visitors, this is the user experience the failures, a lot of pop marketing visitors read. This is the technical level of the failure, love Shanghai necessary to suppress, so there is a" pomegranate algorithm ".

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