There are pictures and data analysis for your 6.22 and 6.28 love Shanghai update K station


There are pictures and data analysis for your 6.22 and 6.28 love Shanghai update K station

at 6:30 in the morning, the feather woke up and didn't sleep, all from the station picked up more than 50 stations, with customers, have our own, there is a new station, there is also the old domain name, a small, have large sites, respectively to check and analysis; the careful analysis of the more than 10 sites, respectively. The comparative analysis and related details of data statistics and data before and after tracking; the other 40 were several love reaction in Shanghai.

had a roughly second times the basic conclusion: customer site did not change, no effect; the old site is very small, the new site is K and the lower right probability is very big. Abnormal phenomena include the following: 1 the site is K, all love Shanghai included 0; 2 sites included drop love Shanghai; home loss; 3 sites included the normal home love Shanghai, love Shanghai lost; 4 site home page snapshot included normal, normal, abnormal; 5, the site of Shanghai love home included normal, normal, or domain site is not in place; there is a very strange situation -- site site query is 0, but the direct query domain is able to display the results, while also ranking, while not ranking (non cached, because we have the unique technology can distinguish)

10 o'clock second set of meetings, we separately report on hundreds of stations all at the same time, the situation of refinement; second step detailed discussion and analysis for each guess factors; third step, this love.

also let you check the Google search and other search engines, if no problem is normal, you first do not rush to recovery.

9:15, all members of the company Shanghai dragon to focus on the meeting, with 15 minutes to set up three points: 1, spend 30 minutes on each person responsible for the site inspection and analysis. 2, shaoshuoduozuo, the whole process is recorded. 3, 30 minutes after the opening session.

QQ today by netizens asked mad, are large many webmaster site K station inquiry matters. In fact, our Hangzhou Shanghai dragon team observed is about 10 last night, at that time our company is Shanghai dragon group members say we have site is K, included abnormal, let everybody see that each person is responsible for the station. After a succession of member feedback out of trouble! When it got rough conclusion: either we the station itself is a problem, cause to happen; either love Shanghai in a few hours after adjustment, estimates will continue, if there will be other people will question the feedback.

I was in the group to comfort you mood, don't get excited, don't lose, is also a kind of power.


to the 8 point, I just a few long and slim mixed QQ group made roughly the following [in June 28th is not a quiet day. The static Shanghai dragon forum, the QQ group, all ER in Shanghai Longfeng where no trouble do not show Huan].

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