Yue Huai marketing to become the industry experts recommend Google’s Bing chain


Yue Huai marketing to become the industry experts recommend Google’s Bing chain

all sites are facing problems and the construction of the chain website promotion, how to efficiently carry out the construction of the chain has been Shanghai dragon industry "eternal topic", in the face of small owners continue to ask questions, Google, LIVE (Bing) official respectively gives his own suggestions.


actively participate in industry or professional association "is also a good idea; even further, based on the needs of users, together with the industry association, and actively organize some influence in the industry, the user is interested in industry activities which can not only win some high quality the chain, but also to effectively build website (especially of website reputation in the industry has a positive meaning) - this is the realization of" become the industry experts "an integral part of the target.

A5 station network marketing with Wyatt (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) believes that the team believes that for the enterprise website, "value free service" is indeed a wonderful way to win promotion website, more high weight of the chain, such as 09 years in a private hospital in Kunming to carry out micro invasive surgery XX disease activity, including the Xinhua news network broadcast "net, many domestic news websites are given a live link, all forum is too many to count.

in fact, website to provide free services have unique value (or charity) "is to attract social attention, become a good way to link bait, the key is to grasp the topic of concern users and demand, ingenious idea, for example, last year the national attention" lunch "public action, if our website timely and organizers, carry out" to sell a product to donate a certain amount of lunch "public welfare activities, not only can improve the website reputation, won a large number of the chain, may even promote instant sales.

LIVE search engine is given more from the level of marketing strategies, and in September this year, Google webmaster blog is Chinese method from the small and medium-sized webmaster can be implemented with the proposed "how to become experts in this field, website promotion, obtain specific measures for the quality of the chain.

Google said the new website promotion of high visibility and difficult at this time, can participate in those subjects with strong correlation Forum blog interaction, users interested in the topic: they have unique insights to enlighten and help others to provide quality content for the user (or useful tools, including simple tutorial or a visual solution >

"to become experts in the field" is too abstract, then LIVE gives some specific problems in the vast majority of enterprises move the chain construction site promotion, it is proposed to provide free services have unique value (or charity) "," actively participate in industry or professional associations "activities in the chain construction proposal.

"to become experts in this field: This is 2008 LIVE search engine administrator blog given the quality of the chain construction method in the first.

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