How to see the website love Shanghai related domain to determine whether a site is K


How to see the website love Shanghai related domain to determine whether a site is K


2, if you don't have to buy links, you can go to Shanghai to see if love related domain by mass,

1, if the site is within 3 months of the website, the historical record included more than 5000 (within 6 months of the website included more than 1W) website is likely because the purchase link is K. Either because there are a lot of high weight website to take you. Even if your site quality is again high, as long as it is artificial, you site would not be so high. (Shanghai dragon who must record the site included data for later query problems).

most in need of attention before 2 grade, 2 grade before slightly as long as the site condition, the death risk is great, the front is on. New words must not change the title not easy to be K home page, 3 months do not change the page layout for the future or ranking is very difficult. If the first 3 months of the relevant domain (effective) is more than 5000, more than 1W or more than 6 months. Then your website must have mass. Because human behavior is not achieve this effect.

to find out the reasons, the following should we have to deal with it.

1, < 3 months; 2, 3-6 months (website optimization before the mid 3, 6-12 months); 4, more than 1 years.

has 3 parts.

1, because buy links caused by K, the reason and solve. These links quickly removed, buy the chain is good, because you don't have time to renew your removed, buy black chain does not know what time to remove, because others website is out of your control. A chain of Tim.

3, after the first 2 points if you didn't find site is the cause of the K. So we love Shanghai according to the related domain (effective) analysis, see the first 10 pages of data (more in front, the quality is better, better quality, more problems can be found. 10) this page, if you see the world, love Shanghai, Sina blog like these can be, if see off point is deleted, the problem appeared. Because no one will Shanghai dragon himself sent their link to delete. Is it possible that this blog site outside the chain, is small to delete. (when the hair of the chain must not put a lot of links to articles or blog a few blogs, that risk is too big, some people may feel an article with only 1 links too, plus 4 to 5, you can do it. If you point the most) these links have been removed, these have become a dead link, the chain you down. The light is right down, heavy is K.

look at what time the site was established, then what time is love Shanghai included. You can see from the history inside the website is what reason is K.

is the K domain name at the age of 1 years is divided into 4 grades:

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