Three methods for determining the degree of competition in the keyword in the search engine


Three methods for determining the degree of competition in the keyword in the search engine


second, love Shanghai PPC

for those who return the natural search results, Shanghai has many sex bidding keywords, but also a concrete analysis of the key words in the pages of the website ranking. To the specific analysis to see if there is industry portal station, station inside pages and products such as Shanghai love love Shanghai know page, if the keywords in Shanghai love the home page is Sina, Sohu, QQ, love Shanghai station, or some industry stand, or falling in love with the sea know, love Shanghai. So, this is the word of competition must be strong. If you >


like a little mentioned, natural search results are not ideal, can not fully explain the degree of competition in the entry. Then, using the key words of love Shanghai PPC? This is the judgment method of keywords competition degree good. Just think, if a keyword to do the bidding website of many words, that this keyword is very commercial value, because it can take up to do the bidding, business must be carefully studied. This is a more reliable method to judge the degree of competition. If the word love a lot of Shanghai PPC, must do the keyword Shanghai dragon website, that the word must be more competitive.

third, detailed analysis of key word row in the pages of the website


keyword, which is a lot of people are doing Shanghai dragon is very sensitive to the word. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng occupation habits may be good to see some keywords in life or learning, will not consciously see the word to search engine value, this approach is in order to know the degree of competition in the keyword on the search engine. We choose the keyword selection is the search number, competition small keywords. If the keyword appears a lot of bidding, there will be many Shanghai dragon website on the home page, so there is no doubt that this keyword must be very hot and very commercial value. Good keywords and competition is fierce, but how to judge the degree of competition in a keyword in the

judgment the degree of competition, is an important aspect of the choice of keywords. So when choosing keywords, many Shanghai dragon people will enter the keyword in the search engine search bar, how much is the result returned in the search engine, return the results much said fierce competition, and vice versa may be less competitive. This method is simple and easy to operate, and the result is intuitive, many Shanghai dragon service personnel is the first to use this point of view of the degree of competition. The results have certain reference value, but if only in this way will affect the results of the right. Because the search engine search results is not necessarily the title with this keyword, comprising the keywords and web pages can be composed of the words in the words, can not fully reflect the degree of competition in the key words.


first, the search engine related page number

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