The website how to prevent hacker attacks


The website how to prevent hacker attacks


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network management personnel should carefully analyze all the possible intrusion and attack form, develop in line with the actual needs of the network security strategy, to prevent possible attack launched from inside or outside the network and system, the key to prevent the enterprise from a hostile country, units, individuals and malicious insider attacks.

4 security scan. Security scanning is related to safety detection for computer system or other network equipment, to find security risks and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. From the point of view of security scanning, it is essential to ensure technical methods of computer system and network security, one of the technical means is attack system, the system administrator can use the security scanning technology to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent attacker intrusion, and the attacker uses security scanning to find intrusion system and networking opportunities. Security scanning for active and passive two. Active security scanning is based on network, to find loopholes in the network attack behavior mainly through the simulation and recording system response, this scan called network security scanning and scanning; passive safety is based on the host, mainly through inappropriate settings, password vulnerability check system, objects and other safety rules contravene to find the safety problems existing in the system, the scanning system called security scanning.

intrusion detection technology. Intrusion detection technology is the combination of information technology and network security technology. The use of intrusion detection technology can be real-time monitoring of network system in some areas, when these regions are attacked, and able to respond immediately to timely detection. Intrusion detection are dynamic and static, dynamic and static detection for the prevention of audit, test for recovery and evaluation.

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firewall technology. A firewall is a malicious attack to protect the internal network from the external network and intrusion, to prevent computer crime, the intruders out of network security technology. The firewall is the internal network and the external network boundary, it can closely monitor the import boundary data packet information, to prevent the invaders, restricted access to the external network to the internal network, but also can effectively monitor the internal network to the external network access.

access control technology. Access control is one of the core strategies of network security protection and prevention. The main purpose of access control is to ensure that the cyber source is not illegal access and unauthorized use. Access control technology is wide-ranging, including network login control, network access control, directory level security control, and a variety of attributes such as safety control means.



main technical measures to prevent intrusion and attack including access control technology, firewall technology, intrusion detection technology, security scanning, security audit and safety management.

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