Thank you for bringing me K, shlf1314 AdSense!Flying loans such mobile phone loans can become entrep


Thank you for bringing me K, shlf1314 AdSense!Flying loans such mobile phone loans can become entrep

with the rise of O2O, electricity providers, new media and other business models, the country's "mass entrepreneurship, multi innovation" has the basis for implementation. The traditional business model has undergone tremendous changes, and the form of entrepreneurship is quietly changing.

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, we can advanced below web site to see:

brothers, the headlines may be too big. I was also recently K, was K when the account has about 1500 knives, did not pay. After reading goooglee's article, I really feel I should say something, because I personally suspect that goooglee's program is similar to mine.

December 2006 application passed, in 2007 1-3 months regular station put in, very little income. In April 2007, with beautiful pictures and adventure onrush, with English keywords, and then import the flow of Adsense, and in October 2007 received a total of $8000 about 60 thousand RMB just like it, in November 2007 13 was K, K was around $1500 and account.

's money go from here,

to say that the mobile phone APP loans, you have to mention "fly loan."". The financial technology company in Shenzhen has raised a lot of controversy over its claim to be the world's only real mobile APP loan at the global Internet conference. Industry >

1, I introduce Adsense:

this article started in the publisher forum, the original author forwarded to Admin5, copyright worry, the original text is as follows:



because the account has been K, so call the publisher forum pub number as a demonstration small dragon if you feel wrong, please inform, I will immediately take off your station Adsense pub, offensive place, please forgive me.

put in planning policy should not have what problem, but honestly like to click on advertisers to flow a little value is not, in other words, advertisers pay for my $8000 and paid to shlf1314 8000 a total of 16000 knife knife is completely wrong, ask: shlf1314 the integrity of the enterprise will let such a thing happen on long? Of course not! So the goooglee led a large number of accounts including myself was closed sooner or later, of course.

small and micro loans, even if you can borrow, but also to face high interest, repayment difficult problem. It's hard to find a loan that fits exactly what it needs.

then the only way to do so is to ask relatives and friends to borrow money, or to help the Internet platform like the ants. But ask relatives and friends borrow money, a face injury, two hurt popularity. The question of ant payment service loans, electricity supplier is appropriate, but if you usually use Alipay use less, online shopping is relatively small, probably not much amount.

business and let the boundaries between the freedom of occupation has become increasingly blurred, but to find someone to change the direction of the "three elements" that will not change much. Now, at the time of starting business, the change seems to allow entrepreneurs is the most headache problem.

venture capital? Impossible. VC's pursuit of high-risk, high growth, high return industries. 99% of venture projects are not associated with VC.

we read above web site, in addition to the picture is the Adsense website advertising, visitors want to see if a picture of words can only be Adsense ad points, while the vast majority of visitors do not understand English, naturally point, click rate has been maintained at around 8%, but because it is English advertising, the price is relatively high, so the overall income is very high, the highest one day 4W IP of $300 of income. I personally think that, in the Adsense layout, put in such aspects should be no violation of Adsense policy, before such people may put less, shlf1314 did not really care, so before the money has been very successful, but then you do so many people, shlf1314 will pay attention to, especially now the remittance the payment period is short.

bank loans? It's easier if you have a home mortgage, but if you don't have a mortgage, the bank's money is notoriously bad.

Where does

"program" analysis:

2, about program

some people think that entrepreneurship is a very tall thing, we must open the company, hire people, and even some people think that must take investment, it is entrepreneurial. Not really. Open a shop, a private kitchen is a form of entrepreneurship, engage in micro business, open a car, a WeChat public, but also a sense of entrepreneurship. In fact, entrepreneurship is not so complex, as long as it is able to transform their resources and capabilities into income, and willing to bear the risks arising from it, can be called entrepreneurship. Who is not sure of your public number is not a Papi sauce, who also do not know which car drivers will become a car rental company boss, who can guarantee that they are not selling mask is a bunch of han. And we all know Putian is an example of that, although the reputation is not good, but they are not from a doctor developed

What should understand the point after the

can say that money is really a threshold to stop entrepreneurs. So, are there some more convenient, simpler ways of borrowing for entrepreneurs to choose from? It seems that a convenient mobile APP loan would be a good choice.

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