Why choose only engage in personal webmaster Wangzhuan CPS AllianceTo succeed, read the five maxims


Why choose only engage in personal webmaster Wangzhuan CPS AllianceTo succeed, read the five maxims

current consumer interest is whether products can make life easier. In mutual >

above is my point of view, I hope you can correct criticism, but also wish all webmaster can develop better, make more money.

below is the content:

Paige said, shlf1314 from the beginning of the very lucky, can have co-founder Sergei Blin cooperation, after all, the recruitment of first-class talent is not easy. In order to attract Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt to join, shlf1314 urged Schmidt for more than a year. Patience finally touched the seasoned executives, he agreed to join shlf1314 in 2001, and served as CEO for 10 years. Led by Schmidt, shlf1314 developed from its fledgling start-up to one of Silicon Valley's most successful businesses.

Larry page, just 41 years old, leads the world's most successful, most forward-looking company - shlf1314. shlf1314 began a research project initiated by the page at the Stanford University read Dr., its search, artificial intelligence, robotics, hardware, Internet services, retail and media in one, the company's success is not achieved overnight.

4. to solve key problems

1. discerning people

once and for all!

many personal webmaster in Wangzhuan, and for the webmaster, believe that they are not on the chat class CPS strange. It can be said that in addition to the SP business, video CPS is the main source of revenue for personal adsense. So why should the webmaster choose CPS, I made a brief summary here.

"smatter" attitude, will only make the enterprise prospect. In the presence of subordinates or investors, the lack of knowledge will eventually be stripped and camouflaged.

as early as 2002, Paige shared the five maxims about entrepreneurship and business with a group of entrepreneurs at the Stanford University.

first, CPS is not affected by the flow control: CPS advertising has the advantage of advertising revenue is not restricted by the flow, a website also has a lot of money. 100ip site than you 10 thousand IP website also make money is possible.

3. sets "impossible" target

toward the expert

business is done by people. The future of an enterprise depends on the quality of its employees. If the employees who come in contact with their colleagues are bad or incompetent, it will only make the future of the enterprise more difficult.

Paige says, "it's important to have good people."." So you need to polish your eyes when you choose someone.

on the basis of reasonable consideration, "ignore" potential obstacles, and some seemingly impossible goals, in fact, have great room for play.

2. diligently studies, advances

NetEase news August 17th, foreign media published articles to share the founder of shlf1314 and CEO Larry ·, Paige proposal to entrepreneurs. Paige in early 2002 at his alma mater Stanford University to a group of entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship and management of the five sentence, namely the eye, diligently study forward to the expert, set the "impossible" goal, solve the key problems and the trend before the calm.

put in time and study a field of mind. Diligent, not vague. Paige pointed out that the process of learning may take years, but once you are proficient in the face of problems easier to solve, and then build prestige, and enhance the leadership team's influence.

third, website owners and low threshold, alliance cooperation easier: because CPS does not need to come up with money union station, so the more limited funds owners welcome! And above all for individual bloggers.

last but not least: target customers have a high rate of accurate conversions. The focus of CPS advertising is to identify customer needs and recommend what customers want, so that the conversion rate will be greatly improved. When you select the CPS advertising you should analyze your website is what features access to the crowd, to find out their needs, and then to the advertising alliance they may need to find the CPS advertisements, so your users will really be used up. And you can build site planning content around a CPS ad.

this article comes from: 70 webmaster network www.70admin.

secondly, doing CPS can have a steady income. Many of the coalition in support of a registered permanent divided into: many of the CPS alliance is in support of a registered permanent divided, that is to say, as long as you have a customer registration, so after all the customer's buying behavior will bring you into a count, this is the opportunity to

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