Regional BBS breaking social networks breakthrough traffic conversion rate


Regional BBS breaking social networks breakthrough traffic conversion rate

has a number of sites, not high technical threshold of Zhongguancun, not relying on a strong background, do not need a lot of money to promote the rolling, but down to earth, more humane care, have more influence in the local area. This is in Guangzhou, Changzhou long lane mother network as the representative of the local vertical websites.

these local BBS were born in the 2005 Web2.0 era, is often a city of a generation of cultural symbols. As a commercial format, this batch of Internet Co started from the forum webmaster, and gradually created the commercial value that can not be underestimated.

is rooted in content advantages,

in 2009, after the emergence of micro-blog and WeChat, the Forum on the Internet has been greatly impacted, while the National Forum gradually shrinking at the same time, the local forum instead of a more powerful rise. "QQ group" from the community away from the high interactive groups, micro-blog removed celebrities from the community." Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning think, but the local community content and its accuracy advantage "in the professional services and content in the localization, the local BBS has more comprehensive classification, integration, and other advantages, can effectively solve the problem of community content fragmentation."

Guangzhou mother network is the predecessor of such an exchange QQ group, founder and chairman Liu Ying also as a "new mother" and joined the group. The new mothers have a strong sense of sharing, and mother's Web provides a platform for them."

mother network users are based on mother to child information sharing willingness to join, and therefore, mother network does not need any internet promotion, "because that is not our user groups."." Liu Ying told reporters, but only depends on the local marketing, starting is difficult, before 2008, the mother only hundreds of thousands of users, "we had almost no income, some local small businesses for advertising each month, single in hundreds of dollars."

"the mother network grows with the user."." Liu Ying said, just started mother network only pregnant edition and parenting edition two sections, and with that batch of users baby grow up, mother net opened up, has established early childhood edition, children's edition and so on more than ten sections. Today, the mother network to urban consumer media transformation, but also based on user needs. "Real estate, Home Furnishing, wedding, car four big local forum of sources of income, mother network users is more than 30 years old, have a certain economic strength of the female groups, this is highly fit, the larger the probability of success of transformation." Zhou Ning said, now including Hangzhou 19 Building, Changzhou long lane most of the local forum is a "city consumer media" for positioning.

"there are some mothers, the children grow up and need to decorate the house, we opened the house to decorate the plate."." Liu Ying told reporters, mother network users demand and design companies, real estate companies docking, the equivalent of 1.5% of the Commission of the real estate agent. Many buyers and sellers >

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