New site stick to it, Baidu will give you a surprise


New site stick to it, Baidu will give you a surprise

first self introduction, I'm a rookie SEO, usually doing the site, when I wanted to give their products site. Later slowly found, but also in Baidu ranking very good, so slowly to study, SEO.

I do SEO, in fact, and everyone else, the chain plus content updates. Because I did not use the CMS automatic acquisition function. So you can only add them manually every day. Not many, every day is the 7~8 chapter (of course collected on the Internet, and then into their own), and then every day to respond to a few Baidu know. When you are on the Tianya forum, send back a wonderful post and bring your own link. Slowly adhere to, there are 2 months, in last month's time, because of their efforts, my keywords ranking very well, all of the first 3. It was a real pleasure. The word "stainless steel pipe" used to be in Baidu for the first time for more than a week.

, but slowly, I do not often update, and 5.1 back home about a week without updating, while just to catch up with Baidu adjustment algorithm, new sites large area decline. Included in the snapshot to reduce the file, my new station did not survive. Keywords K, home page is not the first, the most serious is the correction to the number 4.22. The problem of a novice, stocky give me no small pressure. But I read most of the forum posts, and most of my friends have this problem. So summed up the following: Baidu can only be the problem, but also their own station, is a new station. So, once again, remember to do the true meaning of SEO: (the chain is the emperor, the content is king). Every day to their task is to update the site 4 articles, the chain plus 4. Insist on doing pyneh, the most challenging is to insist on 1 months. It looks simple, but when you really sit up, it's a challenge, and the easiest thing to do is to do it.

so I don't have any secrets to do SEO, just as I said before, no matter what things are going on, it's yours to be really successful. Refueling, persist in this month, there will certainly be harvested.

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