Common cheat behavior in tourism e-commerce


Common cheat behavior in tourism e-commerce

common cheat behavior in tourism e-commerce

travel e-commerce time is not short, and found a lot of liar behavior. Now sum up, interested to listen to me one by one.

1. wonderful promotional Google ad

he opens GG account for you, background, access statistics. Make sure that the left side of the three, the price of the house is cheap, less than a month to 1000 dollars, a popular word. Monthly payment.

secret: agents to show you the background and access statistics, is false. They also give you an account number, you can put the word in the front, but control the amount of clicks and display range. Bring

every day

's actual hits are very low.

2. looks like cattle X's generic Web site,

if you search for the word "tourism", you will find the Baidu advertisement on the right side of the bottom, there is a "universal access site tourism", open the home search box, you will find that there is a general search. After you click in, the position of the first few, you can sell it. Miss yuan package.

secret: Although the web with Baidu and cooperation, but can clearly see that this is a misappropriating behavior, because the general site buy position are extremely bad. Corners, corners, traffic is very low, so who bought, who fooled.

3. SMS URL platform

uses a mobile phone to send your company name or even to 91600, you can reply tourism products and promotional information automatically, free trial. Support ad return related expenses. Generally sell similar products and services company, will name signs and the State Council of the Ministry of information industry relevant documents to promote the informationization of the article, seemingly backing is not small to buy this service minimum one-time purchase of more than 5 years, and the price is not cheap. Let's count one.

4. cheap to your site,

tourism industry, because it is based on the traditional offline operation, so few people are really proficient in tourism e-commerce, many rights and interests do not know how to maintain. It was repeatedly "brigade electric profiteers" persecution. Many people covet cheap and easy, put their hopes in a site of tourism e-commerce "portal", he also seems to have independent property rights, but there is a very vague terms, that is what must be placed on their side on the server, they can use your contribution free free content they can, in a variety of ways to free use of your content. The equivalent is that they have paid your money, and you are also their free editor to update their websites for free. Because you are latecomer, and your content is reused, so your site's weight is very low, less traffic. That is to say, this kind of site is suffering from congenital dwarfism, and it never grows up.


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