BBS needs to review Discuz forum mobile client in mobile nternet


BBS needs to review Discuz forum mobile client in mobile nternet


for a long time, we are focusing on the development of new applications and services for mobile Internet, but more or less ignored some of us still in front of the computer every day using the "conventional" service. For example, forum, I believe most domestic users will also go to one or two forums every day, check information, read comments, and so on. BBS Forum on domestic Internet users or a fundamental service, but in the intelligent mobile phone how to browse the post, post and other user interactive forum, has not been a good solution.

Mobile trends in


should allow many forum users to share content on their favorite forums anytime, anywhere. This is the trend.

separate forums, such as Wei Feng network, Tianya have launched their own iOS applications, especially App Wei Feng network just launched really beyond my expectations of the forum client experience is very good. Some small companies have begun to do Mobile Phone Forums, but the strength and channels are limited, they have not done very well. For the mobility of the forum, or directly said, App, Kang Sheng actually should be late start. However, Kang Sheng Discuz forum accounted for half of the domestic forum, and now coupled with Tencent resources, the traditional forum to the mobile Internet excessive, this must have their support. Perhaps, just as years ago, Kang Sheng began to cultivate domestic webmaster and BBS culture, this time it will be an important educational process.

subscription Forum - Pocket forum iBooks mode

The mobile client of

Discuz has finally come out, named palm forum. At present, although the preview version, but Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7 three versions can be downloaded experience.

in the first half of a discussion with Dai Zhikang learned that Kang Sheng in doing this thing, but when the trial palm BBS this product, found and I thought before different. I before is estimated to be App to generate a custom service, each moderator can through a simple operation to generate your own IPA client, then you can own or by Kang Sheng submitted to App Store for users to download. The palm forum is a way for users to download a App for subscribing to multiple forums. That is to say, you download a good forum and then subscribe to the forum by typing directly the address of a Discuz forum or scanning the two-dimensional code of that address. In other words, the palm forum is like a iBooks book store. It just changes the books subscribed in iBook to various forums. Of course, after you subscribe to and log on a forum, you can easily read / post, and so on, a variety of commonly used forum operations, the experience is good.

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