Cloud fly business station, the first thing is product copywriting, not traffic


Cloud fly business station, the first thing is product copywriting, not traffic

enterprise website construction, don't put the cart before the horse, we must first prepare not flow, but product copy.

wants to see the traffic of enterprise website won't be too big.

, let's do an inverse conversion. Suppose your company's annual sales is 10 million, according to the 28 principle, we assume that 30% of the big customers bring you 70% of the profits, then the small and medium-sized customers bring you 3 million of the income. We assume that the small customer orders every 2000 yuan, then you need a total of 1500 orders, 300 days a year according to effective calculation, every day you have 5 orders. Then assume that the 5 single, 3 single network brings you, according to the enterprise website 2~3% conversion rate, your enterprise website new user traffic is only 100 IP/ days. Assuming 30% of the traffic is older users, then the site traffic for 145 IP/ days.

if the orders of small and medium customers are only 1000 yuan each, then the traffic of the website is about 300 IP/ days. If the order is smaller, it's not realistic to rely solely on the salesperson to manage the site. You may need to set up or hire a professional network marketing team.

get traffic does not mean that you get the traffic.

cloud to fly because of work through hundreds of water-saving irrigation industry website, found that many companies even copywriting this most basic things are not good, but are willing to spend big money in the search engine, e-commerce portal, website promotion. Paid 50 or even 100 yuan a day, the benefits can be imagined very little.

companies sell their websites for sale, not for sheer traffic. We know that SEO people are good at getting traffic, but that doesn't mean that SEO can handle these traffic (converting traffic into orders). Those who can handle these traffic must also be sales or sales people.

sales skills is very important, but to retain customers is the first to understand customer needs? The site only to meet or strengthen the needs of users, can be considered a qualified website, so the first task of enterprise website construction is to lay a solid foundation, the first product documentation.

what kind of product copy is qualified,


website product column design has two modes, one is according to the product system, and the two is according to the application domain gives the solution. After several years of development, the company must have its own product system, and also have a full understanding of the application areas of the products. But whether it's a program or two, the product must not have only one title and picture,

common product copies include: Product title, product pictures, product application areas, product performance and common parameters (detailed parameters of the product can be uploaded as a document).

, you know, most of your clients don't understand your industry as a term

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