Nanjing car network operation 1st Anniversary experience summary share


Nanjing car network operation 1st Anniversary experience summary share

Nanjing car network 1st anniversary, a few weeks before and do the same local car portal friends said, I will put this year things down, but on this article demanding and the confusion of writing is not clear, always thought this was to read is very poor, and down a few times. Just hope that Nanjing car network anniversary summary can help the same struggle in the local car portal friends. This article is divided into three middle and lower parts, mainly talking about three parts: 1.. Introduce the work organization structure and development process of Nanjing car network. 2. tell us a few important stages. How did we spend it?. 3. blow your own thoughts. This part can't be seen. Today is the first part.

1: organization, structure and development timeline of Nanjing car network

may be a cause of personal thinking habit, every thing, I will put this thing from the beginning think of the end when haven't started, it is divided into several stages, each stage to do those things. So, at the beginning of the Nanjing car network, I drew a big picture on the whiteboard. The upper part is the organizational structure of work, the next part is the development timeline. On the right is the work schedule of that week.

Nanjing car network work division: I put all the work of the Nanjing car network is divided into two major parts: market work, website operation and maintenance. Market work, as the name suggests, is the local 4S business to carry out some can create revenue, or can pave the way for the creation of income. Website operation and maintenance is the daily maintenance and function development of the website. For everyone to see better, make a new picture:

Nanjing car network timeline: the following is not the first time on the whiteboard painted that version, but the true portrayal of the Nanjing car network this year. I didn't mark the time scale on the timeline. It was only one year from start to finish.

although the work of Nanjing car network in the organizational structure, strict market work and daily operation and maintenance division. On the timeline, however, the two are cooperative and cooperative.

in the first stage, and most of the site, because the professional degree of constraints and resource constraints (but did not want to do business with professional content!) so most of the content acquisition can only rely on the back, and then edit colleagues according to our own modifications and edit documents released.

this matter, although I am extremely reluctant, but also have to do, after a period of running in and growing up, our editorial team grew up to be able to do some of their own content is not so difficult degree.

In the second stage of

, we started our shop reporting on the 160 4S stores in Nanjing. Editor colleagues first telephone appointment, and then to the store for exhibition room, environment, 4S services and so on to shoot and understand, come back to do some 4S shop introduction articles. The most important thing is, after such a family to do down, we also have the 4S shop person in charge of contact information. The 4S store also knows about the Nanjing car network

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