The founder of the hillside network tells the entrepreneurial story How did get the investment


The founder of the hillside network tells the entrepreneurial story How did get the investment

resigned from the founder of the hillside network so far, just six months, stumbled, and finally get investment! My entrepreneurial road began the second phase of the journey.

here to record the process, perhaps for everyone reference.

I'm a technical background, and I'm writing code. Not rich handsome, a small circle of friends (take a broad view, all written code origin), investors do not know, there is no entrepreneurial experience before. So the experience I'm going to talk about can only be aimed at people like me. Please.

In the first two months of the

venture, there was no concept of how to get the investment. Bought a lot of books, asked a lot of people, checked countless people to write information, but still blurred. You can only try to write your business plan and deliver it to the online angel investment platform. The results can be expected, no echo. I didn't quite understand it. Obviously, I had a bright future. Why didn't I have any feedback? Is it true that the direction is wrong?

later, I didn't know the reason until I went to an entrepreneur contest myself. On the day of the contest, we came to the meeting early in the morning and the host didn't talk too much, so he told the project leader to go up and talk about PPT. Each item is 15 minutes. At first I listened and enjoyed myself, but in the afternoon I couldn't help it. I was very tired. Unless it's really novel and new, you'll know what it's like to fire, and the rest of you feel average. I just lasted one day, that's all. You know, as an investor, this intensity is almost daily.

I also a past project investment and no echo is really not strange.

so here's a message: "unless your project really shines and you can make money almost immediately, don't expect too much from the angel investment platform."". Similarly, even if the vote has passed, there is no feedback, do not be discouraged.


, I think I should contact more entrepreneurs, and maybe I can hit the spark of thinking, and maybe I can also meet investors. For some time, I was very concerned about the entrepreneurs around the party, almost as long as the opportunity will certainly go. There's a lot of insight in the party, but there's not much to say about the spark of impact thinking. Because everyone's purpose is very simple, that is, in order to promote their own projects, so that more people know that in order to increase financing opportunities. So, after meeting each other, you start talking about your project. At this point, the ability to communicate can reflect the advantages of a few people standing together to chat, communication ability of people can make the topic has been around his project, others can only follow his ideas. After a couple of meetings, I realized it was a waste of time, and the benefits were nothing. After seeing more of the other projects, however, I increased my confidence in my project. Ha-ha。

, here's one more

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