The stationmaster at the movie station looks over


The stationmaster at the movie station looks over

initial contact do stand has been more than 2 years, before the web site production process has accumulated some experience, because of their more love movies, so in a movie on his own website: Pig video bar in this station can be said to be summed up a lot of experience to share with you now, master drifting.

first, make the movie station need to choose a key word, I think the key is very important for a web site, but don't choose too popular, such as movies, free movies, such as Youku, you can look at Baidu Search Ranking, every day at least thousands of long standing staring at


is the second, movie resources, popular resources: FLV, BOBO, QVOD, thunder, the four resources each have advantages and disadvantages, hope in the choice of prudence, but the most important thing is to ensure that the updated resource not accurate, you can see today, tomorrow you can not see. This way, users won't come to your website for the second time.

finally, I'm using Marx's program, and I'm sure a lot of things are going on with this program. I should know the importance of SEO and templates. I won't say any more here. You can take a look at my station, take a look at the situation included (,, Baidu still included, and updated every day.

because it is the first time to write, do not know what to write, write it here, welcome to guide my website: Can also communicate with me and exchange friendship, connect QQ 919595587 webmaster net news list

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