Originality, six opinions so that the design of a single page excellent website


Originality, six opinions so that the design of a single page excellent website

's single page web site has attracted everyone's attention, and its commercial value has become an intersection point for attracting people. If you design a single page website to succeed, it will bring you unexpected benefits. Because there is only one page, so the content must be concise, and the layout should be more effort. Want to know at a glance, and patchwork, it is more difficult. The author summed up the following six opinions, hoping to give you some inspiration.

1  find your core,

The content of

's single page web site must not be exhaustive, so stay focused on the core content. Make everything as simple as possible. If your user doesn't find what he wants on a single page, then you fail. So, find your core and use your limited display space to reveal your core. Once the core is lost, a single page site loses its soul.

2      a rational layout of hierarchy

The reasonable layout of the

hierarchy is like a shopping guide that guides your customers. Where you want to lead the user's attention, the logical design of the layout is critical. The emphasis will be placed on where people will give priority. Be sure not to have multiple priorities, multiple content, which will not be detected.

3  uses clear navigation

your task is to make everything as simple as possible. If your website is to promote products, increase sales, no advance notice in the absence of any information to make the case, the link provided directly to the user to buy the platform, then you will probably lose a large number of prospective buyers. At the same time, use some icons or title text to tell users where they are now and how they came to this position. The importance of navigation is self-evident.

4  design in creative

common page style, we have become commonplace, and if your creativity can give the user a bright eye, and remember you from now on. Then you've made a big step. Do not be bound by the traditional rules of website, let design inspiration free play. Creative design will attract a lot of visitors have to pay attention to your products, and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

perfect design possible, either with the big picture across the entire browser window or making a big background, these ingenious highlights will make your website shine.

5  perfect function implementation;

's single page web site should maintain good interactivity, and user experience is especially important. The implementation of the function depends on the program, so your programmer should know what kind of service you want to provide for the user and what kind of experience the user will get. Matters needing attention include color matching >

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