Goods shelves more easier to attract customers eyes


Goods shelves more easier to attract customers eyes

a commodity if the customer's eyes are no way to attract, how to sell this product? So, if you want to make the product really hot, naturally need to let the goods to maintain a higher shelf rate, which can play a very important role in promoting the sale of goods.

in all goods, cigarettes in my shop boss, and in all the instant noodles, Master Kong in my store ranking, sales are always among the best. So in another brand of instant noodles salesman to recommend a set of display, I do not agree: "this kind of instant noodles do not sell fast, on display occupy such a large area, was a small store is crowded?"

second salesman or when I suggested that the last group of display, said: the pendulum is much more, so you can attract the attention of customers, it will sell more, this is the common people. The less you buy, the more you try, the less you have to sell. I won't be wrong, follow me. Moreover, not a white display, a month to give you fifteen bags of water! These fifteen bags of water can be sold for more than and 200 dollars, which is not more than $more than and 200?"

listened to the salesman, wanted to think: what is selling goods to sell, squeeze, make four shelves "jinmailang" instant noodles, and give away fifteen bags of water, is also very cost-effective. So, I and the salesman signed the contract, four day shelf display "jinmailang" instant noodles, agents monthly return fifteen packs of pure water as the display fee, for a period of one year.

second days, fifteen bags of instant noodles box delivery handlebar I ordered and five boxes of barrel surface sent after the clerk to help me sort out the four day shelf, 11 put on instant noodles, looked again, wow, neat, brim, do have a sense of bright eyes. Because the shop is small, never displayed so many goods, I to the clerk said: "everything is ready, just waiting to see the benefits of." Salesman said: "rest assured, sister, there are sold to buy, so conspicuous display, do not sell fire only strange!"

really, into the store to buy instant noodles customers see placed there four day jinmailang, foot to the direction of can't help move, do not want to buy is also displayed attract, could not help but take two bags. The next day, "jinmailang" instant noodles has been in hot period, even more than the "master", every salesman to visit, will give me the shelf replenishment, section four has been in a full state.

is now a lot of convenience stores because of the size of the problem, the goods are directly thrown on the ground, even placed, but also placed very little. Say: not all goods do not make money, I said not to sell the goods shelves, only more will attract the attention of customers, will sell more. So I plan to further expand the store's cigarette display, so that all kinds of shy cigarettes hidden in the corner also come out Lulu face, I think my cigarette >

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