How to calculate the cost of APP


How to calculate the cost of APP

mobile Internet era brings a variety of APP development boom, then what a APP cost? To calculate the cost of manufacturing a App tonight.

single iPhone version.

are normally required to engineer × 1, × 1, UI client engineer; designer × 1, × product manager; 1. This is a streamlined configuration. Large companies, but also to configure the test engineer, operation and maintenance engineers, interaction designers, etc..

If the end of

3-6 people, from the point of view of the number is not much. The trouble is dispersed in three or four types, each responsible for take charge as chief of the three or four core areas, is the risk, especially the short board.

if 4 people more than half a year will be able to toss a mature experience out of the App, that's not what happened -- the bulk of operating costs.

the operation cost can be divided into user operation, content operation, resource development, marketing and so on, as long as the product is still alive, it will continue to put into operation requirements. The first three is the configuration of the 1-10 individual, the real fear is the marketing costs, after all, do a product with the quality of demand, and soon the era of spontaneous dissemination has long gone. Here are a few things to consider:

1, App distribution channels are highly concentrated, so that the list of fast change. Even if the new product will sink quickly, then the need for continued marketing to maintain exposure.

2, no money to invest, distribution channels can not rely on words, you have to rely on social communication. However, whether the user is active, it is easy to share the content, first of all depends on the product positioning and the scene, followed by the quality and experience. Unfortunately, the user is active and willing to share the product type is bound to be very few, such as 10%.


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