What are the tricks of the rural stores


What are the tricks of the rural stores

how many rural stores, if you want a better business, naturally also need to have some tricks, so as to attract more customers. In short, there are shops in every village, and more than one village, many villages have three or four or more. Because the store is the most customers in rural village, few foreign tourists, so the same natural village, a few shops between the competition is quite intense. So how to attract business, attract more customers, so that their stores in an invincible position? I think we can start from the following 5 aspects.

one, to have a eye-catching signs. Rural stores in the business often have such a misunderstanding: no matter store size, generally do not hang signs. The owner often think customers are from the village, as long as the village people know this is a store, do not hang the listing. But the signboard is more formal, plays a noticeable effect, not only the village people know this is a store outside the village, from the front of the store after will understand this is a store, then pulled a part of passerby.

two, shop to keep clean, sanitary. Some rural stores, especially smaller stores, are in poor health. The counter is always a mess, the shelves are not neat, and even the goods are often covered with a layer of gray. No matter who hope to buy sanitary products, if the shopkeeper will store hygiene, cleaning, clean will give customers a pleasant feeling, customers are willing to buy things in the store and shop customers to see out of order, often.

three, complete variety of goods. With the improvement of living standards, the demand for rural customers has become increasingly diverse, especially for the food and the use of. Rural fairs are often several times a day, the customer went to the market to buy, apparently not so convenient. As a result, the purchase of rural shops must be complete.

from children's snacks, simple home department stores to vegetables and fruits, the best. Things are not many, but to fight for everything, especially daily vegetables, meat, eggs, etc.. Rich goods will attract more customers. A customer is a business, because the shopping does not necessarily buy food, is likely to mean something else to buy.

four, the new goods in a timely manner to advertise. Nowadays, many rural shops supply new products every day. When the goods arrived at the shop, rural customers can be in simple written on the blackboard "to certain commodities", linked to the prominent position of the front of the store, can also install loudspeakers in the store (horn), goods arrived, immediately broadcast several times. In this way, some potential customers will be attracted to the store.

five, attitude to passion. Because the rural store consumer groups mostly village, so to do business, to rely on the back.

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