Retailers how to deal with rising rents


Retailers how to deal with rising rents

is now a large number of shops in the group, the number of investors rely on their own shops are very rare, most of the rental shops. And engaged in retail business, rent will often take up a large part of the funds. In recent years, the property market prices gradually rise, in addition to the people to bring some economic pressure, but also makes some of the facade of the housing rents rise, invisible to increase the operating costs of the retail store. In the face of this situation, how to deal with the retail store to ensure effectiveness? Several retail customers have their experience.

reduce the physical store to test the water shop

Jiangsu Lianshui retail customers Wang Yu

I used to rent two facade room, but in the past two years, the rent doubled to rise, when the business is weak, every day at a loss, it is people can not eat. If you rely on to raise the retail price of goods, the cost passed on to consumers, so that they will be in a more unfavorable position in the competition.

from last year, I narrowed the facade, instead of renting a facade room, and began to try to shop on the Internet, to allow some of the goods on the Internet to sell to the internet. The cost of online shop is very low, and the price of goods due to the price of more affordable than the store by consumers.

now, I have been out of the shop has just opened in the doldrums, there are dozens of orders every day, the business has done the farthest South korea. Next, I plan to expand the scale of the operation of the shop, if possible, I will give up the store, dedicated to do business online shop.

to create a lattice shop to reduce the rental pressure

Jiangsu Nanjing retail customers Wang Hua

since the beginning of this year, the property market a day a price, I shop rent has gone up from last year's 1500 yuan per month rose to the current $2200. Previously, each month can be more profitable; but now, monthly pay rent, money in the hands of the There is not much left.. The shop is not to earn money, do not shop and no other means, I am committed to.

when I was confused, one day I saw the newspaper said it was very popular". In contrast to the conditions in the newspaper, I found that the store is quite well - there is a nearby university, the popularity is also relatively prosperous. By the side of the street shop glass, just can do a lattice shelf rental.

said he would do it. On the second day, I invited the decoration company personnel design shelves. The lattice shelf is finished, I put up a "lattice shop" leasing notice in front of the store. Not a few days, all the rent on the grid. To the end of the month afterwards, in addition to get lattice >

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