Xiamen actively build cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base


Xiamen actively build cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base

The establishment of

social entrepreneurship base for whole entrepreneurial activities is a very helpful thing, recently, Xiamen city has established such a youth hit off the entrepreneurial base, providing a good social platform for cross-strait youth entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities.

policy support to create   business park; Xiamen city actively the construction of cross-strait youth entrepreneurship and innovation and customer base --

"the registered capital of 216 thousand yuan subsidy, office 1 years 42 thousand yuan relief, housing subsidies for 1 years can get 30 thousand yuan. 1 years can save up to 288 thousand yuan."

28.8 million - this is a settled in Xiamen, the two sides of the youth entrepreneurship innovation base for the creation of first years to get direct subsidies. For a green hand of young entrepreneurs is tantamount to timely assistance.

28.8 million - this is just the young entrepreneurs in Xiamen on both sides of the innovation and innovation base to give entrepreneurs "real money" part of the support. According to the related policy, a base will give subsidies to the renovation of all office space and a passenger, virtual reality and experience base, and on both sides of entrepreneurs from start-up subsidies, housing subsidies, rent subsidies, loan guarantees, subsidies and other aspects to provide encouragement and support.

In addition to

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