Open vegetables join stores to join the trap


Open vegetables join stores to join the trap

join the risk, the investment need to be cautious, each catering for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to join this way in the selection, we must pay attention to the trap, in order to avoid the waste of venture capital to bring unnecessary losses to themselves. The following is a summary of how to avoid the opening of the franchise stores to join the trap, take the initiative to join the food and beverage entrepreneurs must pay attention to.

one, take the initiative to join the dish in the free offer more than

a lot of food and beverage industry to join the franchise in the name of the franchise fee is quite attractive attractive slogan, in fact, disguised as the company's own sales of goods, this phenomenon is not uncommon, not special. For example, a production of a commodity company promised to join them in a company who joined the show, not only do not charge fees, but if the franchisee one-time purchase reach a certain number, you can have the county level market agency, the franchisee can develop offline, although the free initial fee and with the development of offline right is very attractive, but think carefully will find that they are actually in disguise to sell products, the company once close enough to a certain profit will evaporate, and the poor franchisees can only bring their goods to the suffering of their own or the development of offline sales.

reminder: if the company encountered and almost consistent, from the headquarters of the purchase price higher than the market price, and the purchase cost of goods accounted for all join spending most or all of the words, it is prudent to join.

two, should not blindly believe beyond the promise of

some of the catering franchise headquarters to join promised only to pay several million yuan fee, the headquarters will be responsible for the franchisee from A to Z training, marketing plan and store decoration, and to ensure that within six months can be profitable, the monthly income of up to million yuan. This kind of franchisees to join the company general requirements of the threshold is very low, almost all comers, only need to pay the initial fee to shop, but once joined, the franchisee will need to find the amount of investment is much higher than the company had promised, and training business often get throught a thing carelessly, a long time can not recover the cost, ultimately unable to continue to operate go on.


join is an investment process, then a short time can recover the cost and profit is not realistic, a normal project will normally be in operation after 1 to 1.5 years to be profitable for the ideal beyond the promise of joining the company, we should be cautious! < / p>

three, food franchise contract trap

join venture is a win-win partnership, so join in when signing the contract, both sides of the relationship between the rights and obligations of discernment is very important. The franchisee did not read the contract before signing the contract, and joined the headquarters did not make clear the responsibility of the contract to explain clearly, of course, some of the recommended

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