The most profitable of the five small entrepreneurial projects


The most profitable of the five small entrepreneurial projects

in the business, people always want to have enough money in their hands, to make their own career. But most families do not have enough money to invest, so the small investment has become a popular way to start a lot of people. Here are a few common ten thousand yuan entrepreneurial projects, a look at it!

venture two: magic toy


three entrepreneurial projects: pet "nursery"

if the hosting 20 pet estimates, the initial investment of about 8000-10000 yuan, and at least a month to have an income of 5000 yuan, after deducting rent and labor and other costs, some operating costs, the monthly net profit of not less than 3000 yuan.

four entrepreneurial projects: a flower shop

in nowadays people advocating green, to uphold the noble living environment in the trend of flower production and sales are in sharp growth, huge market potential. Miss Chen's shop opened soon, less than ten thousand yuan investment. Because the beginning of the road, there is not much money and technology, her main flower cut flowers, flower baskets, tied flowers, but also try to engage in flowers and trees. But the flowers and trees is the need to do a certain amount of money to do business, only a tree

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