How to carry out the promotion of the Spring Festival market


How to carry out the promotion of the Spring Festival market

in 2016, has been a part of it, the rest is not very distant thing, so we need to get everything ready in advance, people love to buy new clothes, but also a symbol of the new year is a new beginning. For many entrepreneurs to open a clothing store friends, but also to seize this opportunity for their own clothing store, a good promotion, you can carry out a lot of activities, promotional products. The following specific to give you a look at how to promote the clothing store in the spring festival.


is now back at the end of the store in the promotion, the provisions of the amount of money to buy, how much cash to return to the scene, such as the purchase of 200 yuan back to $20, as playing the 10 percent off. This promotion means shopping malls with more, because it is directly returned with cash, so attractive. However, in the development of sales promotion, we should pay attention to the amount of cash back, not beyond the limit, but also attractive, so it is very important to develop a reasonable amount of cash back.

lottery promotion

refers to the use of consumer excitement and hope of winning mentality, to draw to win cash and prizes or goods, strengthen the desire to buy a product, has a direct stimulating effect on sales, can attract new customers and old customers to try to buy, buy again or repeat purchase, to promote the sale of the product.

lottery promotion is the most common promotion in our daily life. Take sweepstakes regardless of big brands to enter the market, or a new brand, are repeatedly cool promotions.

limit buy

shopping mall with more than for can also use relatively large shops can improve about two days of publicity, can advance the banner hanging, real promotion time can one day, general product discounts are relatively low, the new products are price collection cabinet, if a limited number of words can continue to the company the application, in order to achieve a certain influence, find a good theme, such as the decoration, facade relocation, anniversary etc..

special cycle

fixed the promotion time, allow consumers to form a habit, with special offer, such as every Saturday on special offer promotions, such as monthly special offer special, the price of storage products, promotion after the replacement of all products, good display, to digest inventory. For relatively large stores inventory is relatively large, special offers can be tried.

garment industry can be said to be an industry never unemployed, because every day we have to wear clothes, competition pressure, business clothing stores, before and after the Spring Festival, can be a lot of discounts, it is best to have recommended containing some blessing

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