How to improve the self-service hot pot restaurant


How to improve the self-service hot pot restaurant

open self-service chafing dish shop is a common choice for many franchisees, and now self-service food store is very popular, naturally can not miss such a good opportunity. However, the operation of such shops, how can you guarantee that they can enhance the proceeds? Many businesses are very interested in this issue, learn together.

1, food is not perfection, demand: with college students as the target customer base, the walk is puerile, so dishes necessary for seafood such as high cost Goods are available in all varieties., like the self Hot pot store of general will only rarely one or two varieties, but the main dishes, like mutton is not out of stock. Self help small pot store unlimited supply of sliced lamb, but the number of seafood alone by the number of meals.

2, limited time limit: the boss should be most afraid of a guest, that is, after sitting for four hours did not intend to checkout. So you can limit the self-service hot pot restaurants, such as guests within two hours of meals, no additional fees. More than two hours to increase fees, each person does not have to add too much, almost $5. Many people will eat in two hours, they will be time to pay the bill, so that your turn rate higher. Those who don't have enough to eat within two hours don't care about the extra $5, because their purpose is to eat more.

3, the Essential Mix: beer drinks, the cost of these drinks are not high, but very much stomach space. You can offer unlimited amounts of beer and drinks.

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