A woman found the chicken chicken raised golden treasure


A woman found the chicken chicken raised golden treasure

keep a chicken can sell up to tens of dollars, recently, a woman found chicken treasure, this chicken is really keep out of the gold. Grams of chicken treasure up to 350 thousand yuan. Now, let's look at this baby with a small series!

"the chickens for more than a year, with a litter of 5 only, the other 4 before slaughter, which only grow more slowly, the smaller, so in the end the slaughter." MS Wong said. After the online inquiry, her family took a photo sent to the three or four auction houses in Shanghai, including the reply that there are three of the family may be chicken treasure, the other said it would look for experts to identify the 90%.

"I checked on the Internet," chicken treasure "the price of a g at 70 thousand yuan to 350 thousand yuan." Ms. Huang's sister said, after weighing, her sister took out the chicken treasure more than and 50 grams? That is not to sell 3 million 500 thousand yuan to $17 million 500 thousand! "There's Shanghai auction house said a April auction, we can say" chicken treasure "with the past auction, if not successful auction auction does not collect fees, but also teach us to" treasure chicken "in a well ventilated place. Let it dry naturally, not exposure."



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