Guard against underwear trap


Guard against underwear trap

management activities so that the whole society has entered a period of entrepreneurship, many people have said it is an investment in the era of entrepreneurship. Underwear has become the choice of many entrepreneurs, but the need to guard against investment underwear some pitfalls.

, a rational assessment of their ability to

underwear to join in business very calmly and objectively to make a comprehensive assessment of self. Including:

1, whether it is suitable to be a full-time manager who is responsible for all management and daily business activities independently;

2, the underwear franchisees have enough knowledge, experience and ability to deal with all kinds of problems may occur in the operation of the normal business activities; whether there is enough energy and strength to adapt to the uninterrupted day in and day out;

3, US companies have underwear joining professional training have good learning ability and ability to adapt to accept the system and accept the unified management and supervision, not just because of what people can do to join the underwear;

4, whether there is a strong psychological endurance to accept the possible setbacks and failures; whether there is sufficient economic capacity to invest and bear the risks and losses.

two, join the brand

three, choose their own strength match underwear to join the brand

four, the franchisee shall examine the underwear brand to join the operation of

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