College Students Entrepreneurship Ningde Society for college graduates entrepreneurial mentor


College Students Entrepreneurship Ningde Society for college graduates entrepreneurial mentor

in order to improve the quality of college students, the city of Ningde for the need to start college students entrepreneurial mentor. In order to help students better entrepreneurship, what kind of policies are used in all provinces, in the face of such a good entrepreneurial environment, college students quickly seize the opportunity to bar!

collection object for institutions of higher learning and research institutions, scientific research institutions to promote the development of professional fields (planting, breeding, building decoration, landscaping, education, social network service) with experts and scholars fugaoyishang professional titles; legal, accounting, economic consulting and other social service agencies have intermediate professional titles or above. 5 years working experience in the business person in charge; industry experience and resources industry entrepreneurs; government departments in charge of the relevant business; finance, industry and commerce, taxation, finance, market analysis, risk investment, human resource management experts.

expert library through my application, the competent department or unit recommendation etc. the invitation. Fill in the "Ningde city college graduates entrepreneurship mentor application form", municipal, provincial units by the unit (or recommended units) stamped after reunification, submitted to the city people club Bureau of employment; county (city and district) by the county (city, district) people club Bureau collected after the unification of newspaper people Club Bureau Department of employment.

with entrepreneurial mentor, to solve college students' entrepreneurial experience this short board, I believe business mentor experience and entrepreneurship passion collide together, can bring more spark!



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