Brand clothing stores should pay attention to what traps


Brand clothing stores should pay attention to what traps

clothing store is a good project for everyone to invest in entrepreneurship, and now many people want to engage in the investment of clothing stores. So, in the investment business, brand clothing stores need to pay attention to what trap? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

trap one, brand planning is equal to clothing brand planning.

brand and trademark is a very easy to mix a pair of concepts, a local clothing companies mistakenly believe that the product to stop the trademark registration has become a brand. In the clothing brand planning, the trademark is the symbol and the title of the brand, which is beneficial to the consumer.

but the connotation of the brand is more than these, the brand is not only an easy to identify the title and symbol, but also a comprehensive meaning, the demand for its image, personality, life. Brand clothing stores, children's wear brand planning brand logo and brand name design is the first work to establish the brand, but also an essential procedure. Clothing brand planning in order to truly become a brand, but also to brand personality, brand positioning, brand identity, brand communication, brand management, and other aspects of the content to improve.

trap two, clothing brand planning lacks the central value of the brand.

brand clothing stores, clothing brand planning must look at the central value of the brand, the core value of the brand is the essence of the brand, the most valuable part of a brand is usually the central value of the table now. Clothing brand planning and advocacy center to maintain brand value has become the consensus of many world-class brands, is the secret of a hundred years of the invention of a gilded signboard.

trap three, advertising planning is to do clothing brand planning.


in ordinary clothing brand planning this misunderstanding of the concept of brand clothing enterprises to know how to create a brand, but also very learned, they think that good advertising can establish a brand, which fall into a creative and innovative misunderstanding, this concept is quite risky.

trap four, do brand is famous brand.

clothing brand planning in many clothing enterprises think that brand is the brand, and the brand as the highest purpose of enterprise development strategy; and on the clothing brand planning, brand clothing store, constantly in a smoke and mirrors, water moon "stage. From the creation of the process alone, the brand can be trained by high advertising costs, just from time to time to be able to sell.

and clothing brand planning and brand building is not a short-term project, demand for brand managers throughout the year long, under the careful operation, every product implementation, each time the advertising operation, embodied the brand managers.

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