2012 how to invest money


2012 how to invest money

2012 is coming, in the face of regret over the past year or miss it, everyone on the new year will have a new vision, new discoveries, new life, so the beginning of the year, investment banking will learn.

this type of investor is mostly a perfectionist, always looking for the best. But this joy can be said to be very short, because there is no fund will be in all the time always run first, even Peter · Lynch and Buffett as the master of super investment can not do. So long toss, so investors will not only lose easily constantly on the run, the fund investment intention, will always say a relaxed and happy.

for your own fund is the best fund, don't let alone return swallowed your happiness investment. As long as you can run most of the funds in the same type of former 1/3, it is very difficult to score. A victory is not important, long-term performance is the key. In addition, different types of fund returns are relatively large, in the end what kind of fund to hold a little more happiness, which need to fully consider their own risk tolerance is appropriate.

For example,

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