Buddhist supplies store to make big money


Buddhist supplies store to make big money

China in Buddhism can be said to be long, maybe a lot of people do not believe in Buddhism to open a shop, is known as the field of entrepreneurship for nearly ten years the most strength of the venture!

the broad and profound knowledge and the mysteries of modern life closely, through the sale of their stores and supplies. For their own profit, also create a good spiritual pillar for the people around, has become the best entrepreneurial projects of many entrepreneurs to try!

if after the opening ceremony of the glass, gold, silver, coral, amber, crystal, crystal, carnelian, beads, incense, sandalwood, jade, stone, beeswax, red sandalwood, green Tan, ivory, mahogany and other materials of the twelve zodiac, statues, and other items such as kylin dance, hanging pendant, bracelets, rings, beads, beads and other jewelry hand, to The exhaust pipe, and various mobile phone accessories, jewelry, jewelry, Home Furnishing national jewelry thousands of varieties of Buddhist activities; the operator can according to their own needs to manufacturers to build all kinds of supplies, can also take money directly from the primary sources of the business office, the additional cost can be reduced to a minimum, absolute profit rich.

book supplies: compass, gossip, coins knot; />

, can choose to gather more areas in the traditional block or custom shop.

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