A Shenzhen sea lion tamer and bestie sea lion Lisa memorable Festival – 38


A Shenzhen sea lion tamer and bestie sea lion Lisa memorable Festival – 38

how did you spend your 38 quarter yesterday? Is good friends with the shopping and the afternoon tea, and his work as small or? To return to this issue, tell you, in Shenzhen, a sea lion Hall of a breeder, and her big baby sea lion spent together, so that the 38 section is not very alternative?

Lisa is a dream of the Museum of a female sea lion, in the breeze of the overseas Chinese city wetland, which is a good girlfriend spent a good food and good mood coexistence of the 38 section.

Lisa is now in the molting period, to the outdoor sun and air, to help her younger, so I often take her out of these days. We also call on all women to give themselves more time to relax, get out of the office and feel the beauty of nature."

finance had Huayi was born in 1996, she love everyone called her "small billion". Although not a professional background, but in three days on the stage performances.

2015 years in September 20th, is the first day of the small met Lisa, at that time, a small million, because not a professional trainer origin, the face of the sea lion confused confused. Lisa will be the beginning of a small billion roar, want to let a small million fear, but also often tease small billion. The days and the start of the small billion every day and Lisa to stay together, to her touch, feed her personally cut the fish, and when the male sea lion show trainers method with sea lions, back after constantly and Lisa practice, time to third days, even in the small billion the sea lion theatre and Lisa completed the first time alongside their performance.

human and animal friends, during this period of sea lion and human partner, we not only see their work seriously and understanding when, but outside of work, is good friends, in the 38 quarter yesterday, the sea lion Lisa company, believe that the happiness index rose steadily, the breeder!

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