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Proper packing becomes more important as mushers kick off from Fairbanks

first_imgIditarod | Interior | Oceans | Sports | WeatherProper packing becomes more important as mushers kick off from FairbanksMarch 7, 2017 by Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media Share:Fairbanks volunteers prepare for race start on banks of Chena River (Photo by Ben Matheson/KNOM)Mushers are on the rivers heading out of Fairbanks right now, as the 45th Iditarod starts in earnest.This is the second time in three races that the restart has been in Fairbanks. And a lot of the mushers have vivid memories of the 2015 race, so this year, they’re trying to pack accordingly.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.It was chilly in Fairbanks, with overnight lows dipping toward 30 below. But by the time mushers were harnessing dogs and running through checklists the clear weather was easing toward a balmy zero degrees.Though not running the race this year, four-time winner Lance Mackey was on hand, and said this year’s serious winter in the Interior may prove strong factor to content with.“The wind has been blowing all winter,” Mackey said. “It snows when least expected. I’ve said many times – if these people haven’t tried their snowshoes on they’re gonna be hurtin’. ‘Cause I think this is the year you might need ‘em. Even to get off the trail to camp.”Trailbreakers have been adding passing lanes to the early part of the route heading toward Tanana where the snows have been the heaviest.The long stretches in the first leg of the race will require most mushers to stop for rest between checkpoints, a break to feed and rest the dogs.All around the parking lot that’s been converted to a dog yard, mushers are attaching bails of straw to their sleds. Some on the baskets. Others, like veteran Pete Kaiser, were piling it into trailers hitched behind the sled.“This just gives a little extra room for some of these long runs between checkpoints where we’re gonna be stopping on the trail and camping, and requires a little more gear,” Kaiser said.What will not be hauled in a trailer this year is dogs.A controversial rule change bars mushers from carrying dogs in trailers, throwing a wrench in many people’s strategies from year’s past, which involved regularly rotating animals through rest along runs.Many people are experimenting with a workaround, most notably, returning champion Dallas Seavey.“Without being able to carry dogs in trailers, we had to find a way to bridge that gap,” Seavey said. “We just made a bigger sled.”Seavey is standing over what looks like the Batmobile of dog-sleds.It’s almost totally black, and instead of an external frame with a bag suspended from supports, this looks more like a plastic shell. It’s about 10 percent bigger than a regular sled.He had it custom built from Kevlar and carbon-fiber, and mounted to the runners behind where the musher stands is another heavy duty cube that could hold supplies or dogs.According to the rules, as long as it’s safe and fixed to the structure of the primary sled, you can use it for an animal.“There’s many sleds here that have the ability to carry just as many dogs as I do in the same way, they just don’t have hard sides,” Seavey said. “I like the hard sides because it helps protect the dogs, so that if there’s just a piece of fabric between them and the great big world it’s a little less than carbon fiber and Kevlar. I’ve got them in a little cocoon in there.”Hundreds of people took buses from the Carlson center to view the event at Pike’s Landing.Spectators lined the long shoot clapping as mushers rushed below celebratory arches, down onto the Cheena River, and on toward Nome.You can follow Alaska Public Media’s Iditarod coverage here, or listen to the Iditapod podcast below:Share this story:last_img read more


Portable, Sitka-built ‘mini homes’ could help with Southeast Alaska’s housing crunch

first_imgAlaska Native Government & Policy | Community | Economy | Health | SoutheastPortable, Sitka-built ‘mini homes’ could help with Southeast Alaska’s housing crunchApril 17, 2021 by Erin McKinstry, KCAW Share:Co-owners of Sitka Construction Solutions, Derek James and Kris Karsunky, stand in front of the four 450-square foot houses that they’re constructing for the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe. The company does standard construction projects like heat pump installs and single family homes, but lately, they’ve been focusing more on the “mini home” concept.  (Photo by Erin McKinstry/KCAW)In many rural Alaska communities, the high cost of construction can lead to housing shortages, unsafe living conditions and overcrowding. A new “mini-home” project is working to tackle the problem in Yakutat by building the houses in Sitka where costs are lower and then shipping them. The construction company behind the project hopes its idea spreads.In a large gravel lot, a handful of workers ferry buckets of drywall mud between four tightly-spaced homes. They’re building these 450-square foot structures assembly line style.“Like right now we’re in sheet rocking mode, so we got all the sheet rocking tools and…get this one sheet rocked and go onto the next one,” says Derek James, co-owner of Sitka Construction Solutions, the company behind the project. “So when you are able to get in the groove of doing one thing, you’re a little faster, a little cleaner, saving time and money on kind of every phase of it.”James calls these “mini homes.” They’re bigger than a tiny house and smaller than a conventional one, but built to the same standards. There’s a bedroom, small bathroom and basic kitchen.They also call them modular homes because they’re built in one location and later placed somewhere else on a permanent foundation. All four are destined for the remote, Southeast Alaska town of Yakutat, a place that James says is desperately in need of housing, especially since a new clinic in town has attracted more professionals looking for places to live.“Every house in Yakutat is full whether it’s habitable or not. I mean, unless the walls and the roof are falling down, there’s probably somebody in it,” he says.James and his business partner Kris Karsunky understand the problem intimately. They grew up together in Yakutat and later moved to Sitka, where they started their company. Karsunksy says new construction in Yakutat is rare, partly because it’s so expensive.“The price per square foot to build in a rural community is pretty outrageous. You can figure about a third more than Sitka itself,” he says.That’s because it’s not just building materials that have to be shipped in. It’s labor. Many rural communities lack licensed trades like electricians and plumbers, and paying them to get there comes at a cost.So Karsunky and James thought why not build in Sitka, where their equipment and their labor pool is, and then ship them to Yakutat on a barge or ferry?“We might as well get 95 percent of the work done here and pay the local rate,” Karsunky says. “And they can go home to their families every night and save money for the customer.”They started small by building one for Karsunky’s mom, Joy Klushkan, who wanted to downsize from a larger house. She says she’d looked into modular homes built in factories down south, but the price of shipping doubled the cost, and the construction wasn’t built to withstand Yakutat’s climate.“A lot of them won’t just ship it to Alaska. They have to come in and install it. So you have all the added cost and the barging is really expensive. And then getting construction up there is very, very, very, very expensive,” Klushkan says. “It’s almost cost prohibitive.”She thought the “mini house” seemed like a good alternative. And she’s not alone. It turned heads from the day it arrived in Yakutat.“We didn’t even get it parked on the lot and start to set it up on a foundation, and people were stopping by and asking questions,” Karsunky says.The concept attracted the attention of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe, which ordered four “mini homes” to serve as temporary shelter for crime victims. And these latest four are a joint project between the Tribe and the Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority to provide homes for elders near the Yakutat Senior Center.The Tribe’s Executive Director, Cynthia Petersen, sees these first four homes as a start to a larger project. She says they’ll allow elders on a fixed income to live independently without having to pay for larger homes that they no longer need.Those houses can then go to families struggling in Yakutat’s tight housing market.“This could also allow some of our elders who reside outside of the Yakutat to to be able to come home and have a place to live as well,” she says.It’s one of 10 Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority projects awarded funding from the CARES Act to address housing needs during the pandemic. Executive Director Jackie Pata says other Tribes are building duplexes or expanding existing homes. All of the projects are aimed at addressing overcrowding, which became a serious concern during the pandemic. The virus can spread more quickly in tight living quarters.A 2019 survey found that Tribal households in Yakutat are the most likely to say they are overcrowded in the region.“We know in Southeast Alaska in most of our communities, many families are overcrowded, multi-generational families living in one home. And so any housing that we can produce in Southeast Alaska’s going to reduce overcrowding,” Pata says.Yakutat’s $900,000 grant was specifically for energy efficient homes. Karsunky says given the high utility costs and the harsh climate in Yakutat, they’ve made the “mini homes” as efficient as possible, from little things like  neoprene gaskets around outlet boxes to big things like heat pumps and building for a heavy snow load.“Being from Yakutat, we want to deliver a good product. We don’t want something we’re going to put our relatives or family members in that they’re going to say, ‘this isn’t that comfortable,’” he says. “We should be able to achieve a five-star energy rating.”Co-owner of Sitka Construction Solutions, Derek James, points out the future bathroom in an unfinished “mini home.” (KCAW/Erin McKinstry)James and Karsunky don’t believe that the “mini home” concept is limited to Yakutat. They’ve had interest from people in Sitka and surrounding communities who see it as a way to add good-quality, affordable housing. Including appliances and shipping, each one costs around $125,000. They’re able to keep prices low by buying and shipping supplies in bulk from Seattle.“We can put an order in for the lumber package for multiple at one time and get shipping containers up here with windows, doors, insulation, all of it, into one big shipping container,” Karsunky says.And barging the houses to Yakutat adds around 25 percent so the cost to sell them in Sitka could be even more affordable.Still they face hurdles to building them on a larger scale. Land availability and zoning and building regulations pose challenges. For example, they’re still not sure how Sitka’s building and zoning codes would classify the construction. Financing is also a hurdle: transporting the homes adds risk, meaning many banks don’t want to issue a construction loan until they’re placed on a foundation.For now, Sitka Construction Solutions has to stick with people and organizations that can pay up front, like the Tribe. But they’re hopeful that the idea could take off if the right people get involved.“I just think that it’s gonna take the right entity to set aside a chunk of property and say hey, we want to build these, and do multiple at a time and save the money that way and get some people moved into these,” Karsunky says.Until then, they’ll move slowly, helping address housing shortages in rural Alaska one “mini home” at a time.Share this story:last_img read more


Where to Go Gazing at Christmas Lights in L.A.

first_imgOutdoorsHolidayWhere to Go Gazing at Christmas Lights in L.A.The neighborhoods and destinations that go all out for the holidaysBy Brittany Martin – December 15, 20206798ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddItGoing for a drive to look at Christmas lights around town is one seasonal tradition that’s still totally OK to to do in 2020 (as long as you observe all appropriate guidelines and protocols, of course)–and, as is it happens, lots of people have decorated to the hilt this time around. Here is our list of where to find the best Christmas lights displays in residential neighborhoods around Los Angeles. For commercial drive-through light installations and other holiday events, click here.Christmas Tree Lane, AltadenaCalled the “Mile of Christmas Trees,” this Altadena attraction draws thousands of visitors each year to see homes decorated with elaborate displays. The neighborhood tradition dates back nearly a century, making it one of the area’s oldest holiday traditions. If you’re staying home these days (good for you!) you can virtually view the neighborhood using a new mobile app. Santa Rosa Avenue in Altadena. Upper Hastings Ranch, PasadenaUpper Hastings Ranch is not too far from Christmas Tree Lane–both can be accomplished in a good night of light-peeping–but it is an enclave unto itself, with its own holiday lights tradition. Each block of the neighborhood is given its own theme, and participating houses go all out with lights, decor, and installations. Sierra Madre Boulevard and Hastings Ranch Drive, Pasadena.Venice CanalsThe Venice Canals are always a lovely area to tool around, and the holidays typically bring extra twinkle. This year there will be no official decorating contests, but individual residences are likely to still light up. Be sure to avoid gathering or congregating on narrow walkways. Between Venice Boulevard and Washington Boulevard, Venice.El Segundo Candy Cane LaneCandy Cane Lane typically brings one of the flashiest neighborhood displays in SoCal. So flashy, in fact, that in other years the El Segundo police block off streets during prime times to create a safe, pedestrian-only viewing experience. All of that is a no-go in this pandemic season (and some visitors report that the scene is more toned-down this year) but you can still drive through. East Acacia Avenue and California Street, El Segundo.Sleepy Hollow, TorranceThis Torrance neighborhood display has been a South Bay holiday staple since 1985, with around two miles of homes that participate in setting up elaborate displays. “Such a perfect way to spread holiday cheer during these dull COVID times! The lights are absolutely beautiful, this neighborhood truly puts in a lot of effort,” one Yelp reviewer reports. Pacific Coast Highway and Calle Mayor in Torrance.Woodland Hills Candy Cane LaneGoing strong since 1952, the homeowners of this Woodland Hills neighborhood are known for doing it up on Christmas decor. Visitors are encouraged to drive slowly and safely through the area, but asked to stay no later than 10 p.m. on weekdays or 11 p.m. on weekend nights. Lubao Street and Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills.RELATED: The Best Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in L.A. in 2020Stay up to date with everything you need to know about L.A. by following us on Facebook and Instagram. TAGSHoliday Lights 2016Previous articleMorning Brief: L.A. Health Care Workers Begin to Receive the COVID-19 VaccineNext articleWhat We’ve Learned During the PandemicBrittany Martinlast_img read more


Brexit: Treaty change may not come before EU membership referendum David Cameron admits

first_imgDavid Cameron has said it may not be possible to achieve EU treaty change before the EU membership referendum.Read more: Cameron faces a hard sell at the European Council Instead, the Prime Minister is arguing the UK should accept “irreversible lock” and “legally binding” guarantees as to future treaty changes.This is a marked change of tack for Cameron, who said in January that he would be pursuing “proper, full-on treaty change”.  The news comes as polling data shows the UK’s opinion on its continued membership of the EU is tilted away from a Brexit. Polls can be misleading, and Ukip’s performance at the General Election shows the debate is too close to call.What is more, measured by the political leanings of its MEPs, the UK is the most Eurosceptic country in Europe.  Tags: Brexit David Cameron People by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailInvestment GuruRemember Cote De Pablo? Take A Deep Breath Before You See Her NowInvestment GuruMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekPost FunKate & Meghan Are Very Different Mothers, These Photos Prove ItPost FunForbesThese 10 Colleges Have Produced The Most Billionaire AlumniForbesComedyAbandoned Submarines Floating Around the WorldComedyzenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity MirrorEliteSinglesThe Dating Site for Highly-Educated Singles in ScottsdaleEliteSingles Billy Ehrenberg whatsapp Brexit: Treaty change may not come before EU membership referendum David Cameron admits center_img Share whatsapp Show Comments ▼ Read This NextRicky Schroder Calls Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl ‘Ignorant Punk’ forThe Wrap’Drake & Josh’ Star Drake Bell Arrested in Ohio on Attempted ChildThe WrapDid Donald Trump Wear His Pants Backwards? Kriss Kross Memes Have AlreadyThe WrapCNN’s Brian Stelter Draws Criticism for Asking Jen Psaki: ‘What Does theThe WrapHarvey Weinstein to Be Extradited to California to Face Sexual AssaultThe WrapWatch President Biden Do Battle With a Cicada: ‘It Got Me’ (Video)The Wrap’Black Widow’ First Reactions: ‘This Is Like the MCU’s Bond Movie’The WrapNew England Patriots’ Cam Newton says no extra motivation from Mac Jones’SportsnautPink Floyd’s Roger Waters Denies Zuckerberg’s Request to Use Song in Ad:The Wrap Thursday 25 June 2015 12:34 pmlast_img read more


New UK Health Security Agency to lead response to future health threats

first_imgNew UK Health Security Agency to lead response to future health threats UK Health Security Agency to lead protection against future health threatsDeputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries, to be Chief ExecutiveNew mission-driven body will harness the UK’s public health protection, science, intelligence, testing and delivery expertiseA new UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) to plan for, prevent and respond to external health threats such as infectious diseases will be led by Dr Jenny Harries, the government has announced today.The UKHSA – previously the National Institute for Health Protection – will be the UK leader for health security, providing intellectual, scientific and operational leadership at national and local level, as well as on the global stage. It will ensure the nation can respond quickly and at greater scale to deal with pandemics and future threats.The primary focus for the UKHSA in its initial phase of operation will be the continued fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.It will bring together the country’s cutting-edge capabilities in data analytics and genomic surveillance with scale testing and contact tracing capability – combining key elements of Public Health England with the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), and NHS Test and Trace.Formally established in April 2021, the UKHSA will be chaired by Ian Peters, currently Chair of Barts Health NHS Trust and former Chief Executive of British Gas, Managing Director of NatWest Small Business Services, and chairman of several data-driven growth technology companies.Dr Harries has previously served on the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and brings a wealth of public health knowledge and expertise gained from working in the NHS and local government at local, regional and national levels. She played central roles in the UK’s response to COVID, Ebola, Zika, monkeypox, MERS and the Novichok attacks.Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:The UKHSA will be this country’s permanent standing capacity to plan, prevent and respond to external threats to health. It will bring together our capabilities from the scientific excellence embodied by the likes of Dr Susan Hopkins and her amazing colleagues in clinical public health, to the extraordinary capability of NHS Test and Trace which Dido Harding has built so effectively over the last 9 months and the JBC.Dr Jenny Harries brings huge local, regional and national experience to the role and is perfectly placed to help us not only learn lessons from the COVID-19 response, but to keep us in a state of readiness, primed to respond to infectious diseases and other external health threats.I want everybody at UKHSA, at all levels, to wake up every day with a zeal to plan for the next pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the world-leading capabilities of the country’s public health science, and it has also shown the challenges of protecting the nation’s health are changing at an unprecedented pace, as new types of threats emerge.Dr Jenny Harries, incoming Chief Executive, UKHSA said:The pandemic has put the UK’s health security capabilities in sharp focus and the UKHSA will change the way we approach health protection.With the creation of the UKHSA, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build on the scientific and operational strength that has been developed, learn from the past and further develop strong bonds with health protection leadership from global to local, to ensure we are ready for the challenges of the future.The UKHSA will be agile in its responses, maximise the benefits of high-quality data, be relentless in its mission to rapidly identify and respond to new threats, whilst working seamlessly with academia, scientists, industry and local communities.In starting this important work I want to pay tribute to the commitment and professionalism of all those colleagues who have worked so hard in NHS Test and Trace, in PHE and in the JBC. I look forward to building a diverse, dynamic and dedicated world-leading health security agency with them.Ian Peters, incoming Chair, UKHSA said:I’m delighted to be joining UKHSA. We are at a watershed moment in history, dealing with a global pandemic and soon we’ll be moving our focus to preventing such health emergencies in future, while playing a key role in reducing health inequalities. The UKHSA will be at the heart of protecting the British people from health threats for decades to come.I do not underestimate the importance of this role and will lean on my recent years within the NHS, my experience in transforming major companies, and my insights in data-driven technology to ensure the UKHSA fulfils its vital purpose.Dr Harries will leave her role as Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England in April to become UKHSA Chief Executive. She will take over from current Executive Chair of NHS Test and Trace Baroness Dido Harding after a handover period through April, while PHE’s Interim Chief Executive, Michael Brodie, will remain in post to lead delivery of PHE’s health improvement and healthcare public health functions and support the transition.Executive Chair of NHS Test and Trace, Baroness Harding said:It has been a privilege to serve in the national response against COVID and to establish the scale testing, tracing and analytical capability that makes up NHS Test and Trace and the Joint Biosecurity Centre. I have been inspired by the hard work and dedication every single person has put in since the start of 2020 to constantly improve our fight against the pandemic.The combination of Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace skills and experience create a strong foundation for the UKHSA to build on so we can continue to respond to the challenges of this pandemic, whilst creating a future in which we stand fully equipped to protect against emerging health threats.Interim Chief Executive of Public Health England, Michael Brodie said:I’m extremely proud of the commitment and skill shown by PHE staff in all of their work to protect and improve the nation’s health, most recently responding to the pandemic alongside our partners at NHS Test and Trace. Dr Harries now has an exciting opportunity to take our excellent health protection science and expertise in responding to health threats to the next level, through the establishment of the UKHSA.I look forward to working closely with the organisation over the coming months as we establish a new public health system which builds on our outstanding capabilities across health improvement and health protection and our vital relationships with local government and the NHS.Background informationThe Agency will lead on health protection and security activity for England, and will also take over from the PHE and NHS Test and Trace work those organisations already carry out on a UK basis, either as reserved functions or under collaborative arrangements with the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland administrations (for example, the Joint Biosecurity Centre). It will not replace the public health agencies in the other 3 UK countries, but will operate a close collaborative relationship with them.The UKHSA Board will be announced in due course. The Board will have a key role to play in providing constructive challenge, advice and support to the Chief Executive and the executive team.Read the policy paper, Securing our health: the UK Health Security Agency.Read the Secretary of State’s speech about reforming health security, given at the Local Government Association Annual Public Health Conference 2021. /Public Release. This material comes from the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature, edited for clarity, style and length. View in full here. Why?Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. We don’t put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information of public interest. Media ownership in Australia is one of the most concentrated in the world (Learn more). Since the trend of consolidation is and has historically been upward, fewer and fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media in our country. According to independent assessment, about 98% of the media sector is held by three conglomerates. This tendency is not only totally unacceptable, but also to a degree frightening). Learn more hereWe endeavour to provide the community with real-time access to true unfiltered news firsthand from primary sources. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties. We can only achieve this goal together. Our website is open to any citizen journalists and organizations who want to contribute, publish high-quality insights or send media releases to improve public access to impartial information. You and we have the right to know, learn, read, hear what and how we deem appropriate.Your support is greatly appreciated. All donations are kept completely private and confidential.Thank you in advance!Tags:biosecurity, British, Government, health, Immunisation, infectious diseases, intelligence, Ireland, Local Government, public health, scottish, secretary of state, Small Business, surveillance, UK, UK Government, vaccinationlast_img read more


Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada Opens Unique Beverage Learning Center

first_imgTwitter AdvertisementAcademy of Beverage and Fine Services Learning Center “Raises the Bar” on EducationImage credit to Southern Wine and Spirits of NevadaLAS VEGAS, Sept. 2, 2015- Las Vegas will reinforce its place as the center of innovation and education in the beverage world when Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada announces the launch of the Academy of Beverages and Fine Service’s new Learning Center.Housed in a custom-built space worthy of any of the Strip’s finest bars and lounges, the world’s most advanced beverage training facility was created by the world renowned design firm Tal Design. The look, style and cutting edge technology all complement each other, capturing the vision of Mr. Larry Ruvo, Senior Managing Director of Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada.“The beverage industry is constantly evolving to be at the forefront of style and tastes, and we are constantly stepping up the ways we educate and inform those who will be the face of our industry,” said Mr. Ruvo. “Just as Las Vegas is a world-class destination, this facility ensures that Las Vegas will continue be the world standard for the beverage industry.”The Learning Center was designed with the input of Francesco Lafranconi, creator of the Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada’s Spirits and Mixology Program. One of the few of its kind in the world, the Program has boasted over 1000 graduates since 2000 who have been taught their craft by some of the world’s leading beverage authorities. Actively teaching at the Learning Center with Lafranconi will be Cicerone Beer expert Sam Merritt, Master Sommelier Joseph Phillips, and Level Three Sake Sommelier and Master Sommelier Luis De Santos. Also on offer will be a rare Certified Barista Program. The Center also benefits from the expertise of Southern Wine and Spirits experts like Livio Lauro, Senior Director of Sales for Spirits, Master Sommelier Ira Harmon and Master Mixologists and Spirits Educators James Starkus, Max Solano and Jair Bustillos.Francesco’s input and experience are seen in the beautiful stainless steel work stations, built in a unique, completely ergonomic “racetrack” design for speed, efficiency and ease of movement, currently being patented. All tasting surfaces are LED-equipped to help students capture the true color of the beverage. Over a dozen mood light settings replicate for learners various hospitality environments. The entire space is fully integrated with a host of impressive audio and visual tools that also enable remote learning and streaming of a variety of classes and events.The Academy Learning Center is bound to quickly become a leading draw for beverage and hospitality professionals from around the world. As part of Southern Wine and Spirits commitment to education, the Academy of Beverages and Fine Service’s Learning Center will be available to host supplier, trade and consumer events that create unique value for suppliers and partners to further incentivize their brands with Southern Wine and Spirits.Advertisement Pinterest Email Share Facebook TAGSfeaturedNevadaSouthern Wine & Spirits Previous articleWine on Tap Innovator Free Flow Wines to Host the 2015 KEGGY Awards on October 22, Honoring Exceptional and Sustainable Wine On Tap Programs NationwideNext articleSunset SAVOR the Central Coast Announces Topics for Educational Wine Seminars Featured at Winemaker Central, September 26-27 2015 Press Release ReddIt Home Industry News Releases Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada Opens Unique Beverage Learning CenterIndustry News ReleasesSouthern Wine and Spirits of Nevada Opens Unique Beverage Learning CenterBy Press Release – September 2, 2015 29 0 Linkedinlast_img read more


Reasons to Celebrate

first_imgPINEHURST, N.C. – Michelle Wie stepping up to win Sunday was Hollywood scripting for this historic staging of the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open. The USGA billed this grand experiment as a celebration of women’s golf and the unprecedented chance to compare the men and women playing the same venue for the first time in back-to-back weeks. Wie, for better or worse, made her name and mark boldly daring to believe she could compete against the men with a dream of someday playing in the Masters. Whether you loved or loathed her ambition you can’t deny the irony in her playing such a giant role with the men and women sharing of one of golf’s largest stages at Pinehurst No. 2. Wie laughed Sunday night when asked if she would have liked to have played in both the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open these past two weeks. “Oh, my God, that would be horrible, like two U.S. Opens in a row,” Wie said. “Oh, boy, I don’t think I could do it.” Devoted followers of the women’s game saw this twinning of championships holding some possible danger of making the women look bad, but with a load of potential upside in the possibility it might be the most watched women’s golf event ever. Wie’s winning was the best possible result for women’s fans thinking that way, because her crossing over to play PGA Tour events as a young teen was a marketing bonanza, vaulting her profile beyond what most women in golf have ever enjoyed. The curious were waiting to see how Wie’s victory compared to the lackluster TV ratings the U.S. Open received with Martin Kaymer running away in an eight-shot rout. The final round of the men’s version pulled a 3.3 overnight rating; the women’s got a 1.7 rating. But while the men’s Open was down 46 percent from a year ago (when Justin Rose won over Phil Mickelson and Co., and Tiger Woods competed), the women’s Open was up 92 percent and the best since 2007. Wie’s victory also bettered final-round coverage of the Travelers Championship, which got a 1.2 rating, and it was the top non-World Cup sporting event on network TV, according to Sports Media Watch. “Michelle Wie winning the golf tournament, I don’t think you can script it any better,” runner-up Stacy Lewis said. “I think it’s great for the game of golf. I think it’s even better for women’s golf.” Lewis knows what kind of jolt Wie can give the tour hitting leaderboards on a regular basis. “You couldn’t ask for anything better for this tour,” Lewis said. Wie has vaulted from No. 100 in the Rolex world rankings a little more than a year ago to No. 7 in this week’s rankings. This is already a magical year for the women’s game. In the year’s first major, Lexi Thompson beat Wie in a head-to-head final-round duel at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. With Wie battling Rolex No. 1 Lewis at the end of her victory at Pinehurst No. 2, the women delivered high drama the men couldn’t provide in their final round. Wie’s title gives Americans claim to the first two women’s majors of the year for the first time this century, since Dottie Pepper and Juli Inkster opened 1999 winning the Kraft Nabisco and LPGA Championship. Lewis, Inbee Park and 17-year-old Lydia Ko are battling weekly for the No. 1 ranking. Ko, Park, Paula Creamer and Hall of Famer Karrie Webb have all hoisted trophies this year. “With the help of [commissioner] Mike Whan, under his command, the tour has really started to flourish,” Wie said. “I think this week, playing on the same stage as the men, I think it opens the door for us to get better, to get bigger.” The USGA couldn’t have drawn up better synergy linking the U.S. Open to the U.S. Women’s Open. It started with the women’s arrival in the final round of the U.S. Open, with Wie, Thompson, Ko, Cristie Kerr and other LPGA stars inside the ropes watching Kaymer win. In the end, with Wie crediting the help she got from Rickie Fowler and Keegan Bradley giving her their yardage books, the men were made part of this dramatic finish. “Just an absolutely wonderful two weeks, great golf,” said Dan Burton, chairman of the USGA’s championship committee. “I think we achieved every objective we could have possibly set out to enumerate. We presented the golf course, I think, both weeks in almost perfect fashion.” It begs the question when the USGA might do this again, but the answer’s uncertain. With future U.S. Women’s Opens being moved to a new permanent date at the start of June, USGA executive director Mike Davis was asked when it makes sense to do this again. “We’ve been asking ourselves that same question,” Davis said. “It won’t be a regular thing if we do this.” Pinehurst No. 2, with its rough-hewn agronomy, proved the perfect venue to stage back-to-back championships. The earliest the U.S. Open could return there is 2022. The dates are booked out until then. Bob Dedman, Pinehurst’s owner, told he wants the U.S. Open back as soon as he can get it. Davis told a return is highly likely. “I don’t think it’s a question of if we are going to return to Pinehurst No. 2, but a question of when,” Davis said. Davis said the USGA won’t look at future venues until the fall, but Pinehurst No. 2 has formally invited the USGA to return. Dedman’s invite is among 20 the USGA will consider. “You would be hard pressed to find a better place,” Davis said of Pinehurst No. 2s suitability for staging the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open in back-to-back weeks. The grand experiment by all accounts was a hit, and now women’s golf waits to see if they’ve earned an encore.last_img read more


Activision Blizzard shares drop a further 11 per cent

first_imgActivision Blizzard shares drop a further 11 per centWeaker-than-expected results and dips in engagement worry shareholders James BatchelorEditor-in-ChiefFriday 9th November 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleActivision BlizzardShares of Activision Blizzard took another hit last night in the wake of the firm’s latest financial results.While the publisher’s net income is on the rise, its revenues, bookings and monthly active users all dipped. Bloomberg reports this caused an 11 per cent drop in its share price.It follows another blow to Activision’s shares earlier this week, as the backlash around the announcement of mobile outing Diablo Immortal prompted a 6.74% decline. This led to Activision’s lowest close of trading since January. The financial results brought the firm’s share price down to as low as $55.80 in extended trading. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matthew Kanterman suggests there is pressure for its current titles to perform better than they are, particularly with a lighter release slate predicted for 2019.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games While there will inevitably be a Call of Duty next Q4, the only other title Activision has announced for 2019 is From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If Bungie follows the same schedule is has with Destiny so far, next year will see the launch of another expansion, rather than Destiny 3.This year’s results suffered somewhat from comparison to the launch of last year’s Destiny 2. Not only was this an expansion year, but Activision admitted the game as a whole has not taken off in the way it hopes. Also, last year saw Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy dominate retail over the summer.Activision also faces comparisons to the ongoing phenomenon that is Fortnite and the stunning success of Red Dead Redemption 2, which took $725 million in three days and matched its predecessor’s eight years of sales in eight days.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesActivision Blizzard wins patent lawsuit after nine yearsThe judge ruled that the patents were “not inventions” of Worlds Incorporated, which was suing for infringementBy Marie Dealessandri 6 days agoCall of Duty, King push Activision Blizzard to record Q1 revenuesPublisher’s revenues jump 27% to $2.28 billion as Call of Duty Mobile’s Chinese debut helps drive Activision division sales up 72% year-over-yearBy Brendan Sinclair 7 days agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more


Control and Dreams win big at Develop:Star Awards 2020

first_imgControl and Dreams win big at Develop:Star Awards 2020Dreams wins Game of the Year while Fall Guys developer Mediatonic wins Best StudioJames BatchelorEditor-in-ChiefWednesday 4th November 2020Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareThe results of this year’s Develop:Star Awards are in, with Remedy’s Control and Media Molecule’s Dreams emerging as the big winners.Each title took home three accolades. The PlayStation-exclusive Dreams won Game of the Year, Best Innovation and Best Game Design in the industry-voted awards ceremony, which runs alongside the Develop:Brighton conference.Meanwhile, Remedy’s sci-fi action game won Best Visual Art, Best Narrative and Best Original IP.Mediatonic, the UK studio behind the hit multiplayer game Fall Guys, was named Best Studio, with 80 Days and Pendragon developer Inkle awarded Best Micro Studio.As previously announced, the most prestigious award of the night — the Develop Star Award — was given to Bethesda director, designer, and producer Todd Howard.We spoke to Howard last week, when he told us the next generation will be all about access, and hosted the Develop:Brighton keynote exploring his career, as well as a few hints on the future of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. You can read the highlights here.Below is a full list of the Develop:Brighton 2020 winners:Best Visual Art: Control (Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games)Best Game Design: Dreams (Media Molecule, Sony Interactive Entertainment)Best Audio: Sayonara Wild Hearts (Simogo, Annapurna Interactive)Best Narrative: Control (Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games)Best QA & Localisation Provider: TestronicBest Creative Provider: SIDE UKBest Innovation: Dreams (Media Molecule, Sony Interactive Entertainment)Recruitment Star: Amiqus RecruitmentDiversity Star: Shay Thompson (Level Up Link Up)Best Technology Provider: Unreal EngineBest Original IP: Control (Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games)Publishing Star: Team17Best Mobile Game: What The Golf? (Triband)Game of the Year: Dreams (Media Molecule, Sony Interactive Entertainment)Best Micro Studio: InkleBest Studio: MediatonicThe Develop Star Award: Todd HowardThis year’s awards were hosted online, but organiser Tandem Events is confident they will return to the Hilton Brighton Metropole for Develop:Brighton 2021 on from Tuesday, July 12 to Thursday, July is a media partner of Develop:BrightonCelebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesDeveloper wins against Grand Theft Auto DMCA takedownTake-Two loses claim to reversed-engineered source made by fansBy Danielle Partis 3 hours agoFirst-party Ubisoft titles will now be branded as ”Ubisoft Originals”Change was made alongside the announcement of new Tom Clancy titleBy Danielle Partis YesterdayLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more