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County Council Chair Sara Scott Issues Information Update

first_imgBy Chair Sara ScottLos Alamos County CouncilToday I’ll provide some information on a few topics of current interest: an update regarding COVID-19 response, a high-level summary of the upcoming decision and public meetings regarding the Carbon Free Power Project, and information regarding two upcoming workshops that are part of the engagement process for the Downtown planning initiative.I hope this note finds you and families and friends well; I hear from many folks who want us to keep working hard as a community to help our businesses and schools by staying home and always wearing our masks and keeping our distance when we must be out.An increased number of reminders are being provided around the community regarding public health requirements. As a community we’ve shown our generosity, patience, and kindness as we always do when addressing challenges – let’s keep that going as we move forward, realizing that we have a ways to go, and we are best when working together.Regarding the pandemic, during the last Mayor’s Council call we discussed issues including concern regarding the current rate of infections, updates that were subsequently included in the July 30 Public Health Order, and the availability of tests. While some providers are limiting testing to symptomatic individuals the Los Alamos County Public Health Office is still providing tests to anyone who wants one.Another important topic was the disbursement of CARES Act funding received by the state from the federal government. Of approximately $150 million available to local governments about $50 million is targeted for the establishment of local grant programs to support small businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.Los Alamos County staff is preparing a proposal for a share of these funds; the due date is Aug. 7. While funds can be requested to support local government response to the emergency (e.g. personal protective equipment required to conduct government business, sanitizing, public service announcements, and other public health and safety personnel costs), the County proposal will focus on three areas of need:Small Business Continuity Grants;Childcare assistance (for either care providers or care purchasers); andHousing/rental assistance.The Governor’s goal is to get these funds out quickly and we anticipate that the review of proposals and decisions regarding fund disbursements will be made over the next two to three weeks.While our community has really worked hard to help support our businesses during the health emergency and I know we’ll continue to do that, the County looks forward to other tools for helping small businesses that have been severely impacted by COVID-19.The funds for childcare and housing assistance will further support those in need in our community – and also have a benefit to businesses and schools through support for workers, teachers and parents.We’ll all be keeping an important focus on our response to the pandemic but there are a couple of other near-term decisions and initiatives that will greatly benefit from public engagement and input as well.First – on Aug. 19 the Board of Public Utilities and on Aug. 25 County Council will make decisions regarding whether to continue Los Alamos County participation in the Carbon Free Power Project. The County’s consideration of and participation in this small modular nuclear reactor project (with planned power availability in 2030 for 40-60 years) so far has been a result of:Interest in identifying cost-effective options for realizing the County’s 2040 carbon neutral goal,Concern regarding the future price of electrical power resources in the context of a significant number of primarily coal plant closures over the next 10-20 years (estimated at approximately 7 GigaWatt),Identification of the Carbon Free Power Project as option for firming renewable power in the County’s portfolio at $55/MegaWatt hour (in 2018 dollars) at about the same cost as combined cycle natural gas generation, andThe Department of Energy’s expressed willingness to invest approximately $1.4B in the project to lower costs for all participants.Specifically, the upcoming decision is whether to commit approximately $1 million to the 2020-2023 phase of the project. During this phase a combined construction and operating license application (COLA) for submission to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be developed.In 2023, the next decision point will be whether to commit to proceeding with submitting the completed license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC); at that point the County will have another opportunity to decide to remain in, or opt out, of the project. The final decision point to remain in, or opt out, of the project is following the approval of the COLA by NRC (estimated date 2025) before the construction phase of the project.  If the County does remain in the project until completion, the funds committed by the County will be repaid as a part of power purchased (i.e. these costs are included in the $55/MegaWatt hour rate (this rate is in 2018 dollars)).An extensive set of project information including videos of town halls and a joint Board of Public Utilities and County Council meeting, FAQs, and project overview and status summaries is provided on the Department of Public Utilities website, then scroll down and click on the Carbon Free Power Project button. Additionally, the County’s Open Forum can be used to provide input to the process. The Open Forum will close on Aug. 9.Second – the Los Alamos and White Rock Downtown Master Plan and corresponding code update process is now underway. On Aug. 5 a workshop with business representatives was held; the next opportunity for public input will be on Aug. 19 focusing on the White Rock Town Center and Aug. 20 focusing on the Los Alamos downtown district.Because of current interest in both commercial and housing development in our downtown areas, public input is critical for helping make sure these areas are developed in a smart and responsible way that serve our community’s needs and consider how new options for mobility, transportation, and parking could be included. If you can’t attend one of the upcoming virtual workshops, please visit the project website ( for information regarding the project, results of engagement to date, and other ways to participate in this important effort.Please stay well, take care of yourselves, and remember we are Los Alamos and we’ll get through this together.last_img read more


What’s yours is yours

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Woolwich bridge: Crossings out

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Ironshore insures BRI’s project cargo

first_imgAccording to Pembroke, project cargo has emerged as the most significant risk exposure for the BRI, as the corridor includes sea trade lanes.Pembroke Lloyd’s Syndicate 4000 will offer cargo transportation cover, large-scale risk exposure and start-up delay coverage for China’s Belt and Road undertaking.The multi-billion dollar BRI involves building a network or roads, ports, bridges, tunnels, pipelines and deepwater Arctic ports that will connect Asia, Europe and Africa. The consortium will offer insurance capacity limits of up to USD178 million.Mark Wheeler, ceo of Ironshore International, said the new consortium for China cargo line risks “replicates the approach and risk appetite of Pembroke’s project cargo consortium in the Lloyd’s market, which currently is the largest of its kind for targeted marine lines.”He added: “Pembroke’s presence in the region enabled us to create the consortium, extending sector underwriting capabilities to cover China risks.”Cargo Solutions (CSL) is currently appointed as the surveyor for the project cargo consortium. www.ironshore.comwww.cslglobal.comlast_img read more


Golden Arrow fares to increase

first_imgGolden Arrow increases bus fares. Golden Arrow Bus Services has announced that it will be increasing its passenger fares by an average of 9.5% as of Monday December 31.The bus company said the adjustment was primarily necessitated by the high fuel price increases, which despite the recent respite, have nonetheless increased by approximately 34% in the last 18 months. Golden Arrow says a fares adjustment is unavoidable following a decision to hike wages by 9% earlier this year. These two cost items make up approximately 74% of Golden Arrow’s total costs.  Passengers can postpone paying the increased fares until Sunday January 13 in the case of 10-ride Gold Card packages (which are valid for 14 days) bought on Sunday December 30 and until Tuesday February 5 in the case of monthly Gold Card packages (valid for 37 days) bought on the same date.The new fares can be obtained from the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63.last_img read more


Could a single-payer national healthcare system be the answer?

first_imgAnother argument supports the introduction of fees based tied to income scales. Citizens earning higher incomes would pay higher fees, and lower income earners lower fees. However, fees would not dip below a set national monthly rate. Partnership in the Medicare system is also one that’s aggressively sought after by private health insurers. Most of these insurers offer what is called Medicare Advantage which that its beneficiaries advanced healthcare benefits for the same monthly fee. The main argument for the system is that it’s the closest to universal healthcare. It would afford almost every American comprehensive healthcare coverage. This includes the ability to choose one’s doctors, receive hospital, ambulatory, mental health and substance abuse treatment, reproductive, maternity and family planning services, and subsidized cost of prescription drugs. These are services the public are seeking. Slight majority favor single-payer systemRecent polls indicate a slight majority of Americans, 53 percent, favoring a single-payer healthcare system. However, this system is contradictory to the ideology of Republicans, including those currently controlling the nation’s administration. Last week while South Floridians grappled with the upheaval brought about by Hurricane Irma, former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Saunders stoked the national healthcare debate. Saunders unveiled the single-payer system, a plan he pushed during his candidacy, as the means for improving America’s problematic healthcare system. Not favored by Republicans Republicans don’t favor government control of healthcare, and that’s what the single-payer system does. But there are positives in the system that requires objective consideration outside of political ideology. The main argument against the system is that it will cost the government an exorbitant budget, resulting in increases in federal taxes paid by citizens and businesses. Apart from the Republican administration, other strong opponents to the Medicare-For-All system are private health-insurance companies. Although they jump on the current Medicare band-wagon, they continue to charge high premiums to non-Medicare customers. Under a Medicare-For-All program, their premiums would be fixed by the government. Single-payer began with Medicare in the ‘40sBack in the 1940s President Franklyn Roosevelt master of White House/Congressional negotiations, tried to broker a single-payer system, under which the federal government would be the single, or sole payer of Americans healthcare needs. However, he was only partially successful. Congress did approve a single-payer system, called Medicare but applicable only to Americans over age 65. There is some validity to this argument. Younger people say under age 40, included in the system would pay the monthly premium, but not place a heavy financial burden on the system since they are normally healthier. Aggressively sought by private insurers Affordable comprehensive healthcare is definitely a right due to every American. The single-payer system could potentially provide this right. Americans should, therefore, expect the proposed plan to be copiously analyzed. It just may be the practical solution. Generally, the beneficiaries of the current Medicare system hail it for meeting their healthcare needs. Many seniors with serious health issues have been able to receive first-class primary, specialist, and hospital care through the system. Closest system to universal healthcare Medicare is not a free service. Currently it cost beneficiaries an average fee of $106 monthly, which in most cases is deducted from their Social Security benefits. This fee is not related to one’s income or financial strength. Although the argument for a single-payer healthcare system is currently supported by Saunders and others, it’s not new. After years of trying to amend, and repeal the system, Medicare still exists, providing broad-based healthcare to its beneficiaries. In fact, Medicare is regarded as the best example of the single-payer system. Supporters of the system, like Saunders, want to see a Medicare-For-All system. Medicare hailed Creating Medicare-For-AllSupporters of the Medicare-For-All single-payer system argue if the system is expanded nationally more people would be paying into the system, thus alleviating the need to pay higher taxes. Plan has advantages and disadvantages The single-payer system has its advantages and disadvantages. But, for average Americans badly in need of affordable comprehensive healthcare, the advantages are paramount. Instead of the incumbent Republican administration rubbishing Saunders plan as they are inclined to do, it would be responsible if they at least establish a formidable bi-partisan committee to study the plan, and report accordingly. However, because beneficiaries are senior citizens who demand more regular, and more expensive healthcare, the government, the single-payer, incurs a huge bill subsidizing the enhanced medical expenses.last_img read more


Dominica Observes Third Anniversary of Passage of Hurricane Maria

first_imgDominica is marking the third anniversary of the passage of the Hurricane Maria on Friday with religious ceremonies and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit saying the capacity to rebuild is one of the major lessons learnt as a result of the destruction caused by the category five hurricane.Maria had slammed into the island on September 18, 2017, with winds in excess of 150 miles per hour, killing at least 30 people, causing widespread destruction estimated at US$1.3 billion.“It is clear people had given up hope, people were in a state of shock, people had lost everything they had worked for, many had resigned to the fact that this was it, there was no way they were going to rebound or the country would bounce back,” Skerrit said on the state-owned DBS radio on Friday.“I myself being the Prime Minister of the country recognised the enormous task, the enormity of the task which I had to confront. The country completely crushed to the ground and where do you start and immediately we started strategizing and how we should move forward.“It is an experience I don’t think we will ever forget. We give God thanks and that’s the most important thing. We give God thanks for what we are going to do for the people…and what we are going to achieve, we have certainly demonstrated our resilience and capacity to build and to impact lives in a positive way,” he said.Community Development Minister, Rosalind Paul said the strides made by the island after the hurricane over the past three years are remarkable.“Right now when we reflect, when we remember and when we see where we are right now moving from a number of homeless people to people even having improved homes, bridges we had to rebuild…and when you pass around Dominica, you hardly see any evidence that we had experienced Hurricane Maria, we have to be very very thankful…we need to put on our lips every day, two little words, praise God”.The island is staging an “Hour of Remembrance” marking the third anniversary.“The government of Dominica continues to remember the goodness of God in persevering us from the ravages of Hurricane Maria, as we are reminded of its passage three years ago. As a mark of reflection and gratitude, the government in partnership with all religious leaders will host a one hour of reflection in praises to God and in remembrance of all Dominicans who have passed,” said Minister of Governance, Greta Roberts.CMClast_img read more


WCMF season tickets go on sale for promotional offer

first_img Share Share BusinessEntertainmentLocalNews WCMF season tickets go on sale for promotional offer by: – July 31, 2016 Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img Share 759 Views   no discussions Roseau, Dominica —– Season’s tickets for the 2016 World Creole Music Festival went on sale Friday July 29th at the promotional price of EC$250.00.Patrons wishing to purchase their season’s tickets have the unique opportunity to do so at the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) office on the first floor of the Financial Centre. This promotional price is for a limited time only. Tickets are redeemable from September 1st with the receipt given for each purchase. Each patron will only be allowed to purchase a maximum of two tickets for this special offer.Speaking ahead of today’s ticket sale, DFC Chairman Colin Piper said that this offer is reflective of DFC’s commitment to facilitating patrons who have been asking about the price offer and to make it affordable to all those wishing to secure their tickets early enough. He stated that the WCMF is for the people and feels that the special offer makes it easier for loyal festival fans to begin preparing for this grand celebration in October. According to Piper, “This special offer signals our intention to having a great number of festival goers and music lovers to the stadium on October 28, 29, & 30 for the region’s premiere music event”.The 19th edition of the World Creole Music Festival is slated for October 28-30 at the Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau, the Dominican capital. A line-up of top regional and international acts covering a diverse range of creole music from the infectious Bouyon to the sweet sensation of Soca and Calypso, Reggae, Afro-funk, Haitian Kompas to the vibrating sounds of Cadence-lypso and Zouk awaits patrons. The main headliners of this year’s festival include Dominica’s Lady of Song Ophelia, Dominica’s song-bird Michele Henderson, a galaxy of zouk icons forming the Grand Mechant Zouk featuring several members of the legendary Kassav band, Haitian international super-star Wyclef Jean, African pop sensation Akon, reggae star Popcaan, Morgan Heritage, the Gentleman and Soca group, Kes The Band, along with local acts WCK, Triple Kay Global, Original Bouyon Pioneers, Midnight Groovers and Bouyon Prince Asa Banton.last_img read more


Family of man killed in St Mary turn to UK media to shine light on murder

first_img Sharing is caring! Share (Jamaica Observer) THE family of Delroy Walker, the man who was killed after he returned to the island to retire from the United Kingdom (UK) a few months ago, is doubling its efforts to bring attention to his gruesome murder.On Tuesday, Steve Walker, brother of the deceased, phoned the Jamaica Observer to say that a press conference was called for yesterday with major news outlets in London to give an account of the tragic incident, as well as information surrounding the investigation and its pace.“The British media are very keen to get a record of what is going on. They are also conscious of the fact that there has been a rather high number of British Jamaicans who have returned [to Jamaica] and are being subjected to crime, robberies, murders, and manslaughters. The number that the British Consulate told me, it shocked me. It’s not good for Jamaica,” Walker said.“We arrived in Jamaica on the 6th of May and on the 7th was the hardest thing because we had to go to the property [where his body was found]. I noticed that the cameras outside were shifted upwards and it was at that point that I heard a scream. What I could say is that I am not used to that sort of scene nor anybody else that I know.“In a perverse way it was useful because you could see where the incident started in the house and where my brother’s life ended,” Walker told the Observer.“In a very crude way I actually had to scrape parts of my brother up off of the ground and clear the whole building. I had to clean blood and other bits of body parts that came out during the altercation [that led to] his murder. As a family, we had to clear that up from the UK a week later — that was what greeted us in that home,” he added.Delroy Walker’s body was found with multiple stab wounds about 9:15 am on April 19 at the house he purchased just months ago at Rio Nuevo Resort in Tower Isle, St Mary. Police told the Observer then, that a resident noticed a trail of blood leading from the house and raised an alarm. He had only returned to the country eight months prior and his wife was expected to join him in a matter of weeks.“I know whoever came into that house came with the intention of killing my brother. They didn’t go there to steal because large value items were still in place, and if they had come to steal they would have taken that. It seems like his good nature and wanting to give back to Jamaica was partly his downfall,” Steve Walker stated.As if he knew the suspects, Steve Walker insisted that “Jamaica cannot let the two or three people involved beat us”.He said while he would never criticise the Jamaica Constabulary Force, his family is fighting to prevent his brother’s murder from becoming just another statistic. They are also hoping to meet with Prime Minister Andrew Holness in the coming weeks in order to raise the matter with him. Share NewsRegional Family of man killed in St Mary turn to UK media to shine light on murder by: – May 17, 2018center_img 154 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharelast_img read more


LeBron and Love Dominate, Cavs Beat Heat 102-92 in Home Opener

first_img Matt Medley Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio.Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games. Related TopicsCavsDwayne WadeHeatLebron JamesMo WilliamsNBAcenter_img CLEVELAND – The Cavaliers returned to Cleveland for the 2015-2016 season Home Opener at Quicken Loans Arena and defeated the Miami Heat 102-92 Friday night. The crowd was as enthusiastic as ever from the starting lineup introductions all the way throughout the game.Veteran point guard Mo Williams addressed the crowd before tip-off telling the fans in attendance, “I’m happy to be back.”LeBron James got off to a hot start against his former team, scoring ten points in the first quarter.Kevin Love looked like a different player from last season, fighting for rebounds, powering his way for put-backs, and attacking the rim down low, rather than spending most of his time beyond the three point arc.Love would finish the night with 14 rebounds.Tristan Thompson, playing in his first game at the Q since signing his $82 million contract, brought the crowd to their feet slamming home an alley-oop late in the first quarter. Thompson went on to finish the night with 13 points and 9 rebounds off the bench.The combination of Love and LeBron scored 19 of Cleveland’s first 29 points to give the Cavs a six-point lead heading into the second quarter.Cleveland jumped out to an 11-point lead after fan-favorite Matthew Dellavedova drained a three causing the crowd to erupt with just over nine minutes to play in the first half.It would be his only field goal of the night, but Dellavedova dished out 10 assists coming off the bench.By halftime, LeBron led all scorers with 18 points, hitting 8 of his first 11 shots.Miami went on a late second quarter run thanks to Chris Bosh, who scored 12 points in the first half, and Dwayne Wade, who scored 11, and Cleveland entered halftime leading 47-42.Wade turned it on in the second half, looking like the D-Wade of old, scoring eight points in the third quarter, including a thundering dunk to make it a three-point game with under five minutes to play in the quarter.Love would respond by hitting back-to-back three pointers.The Cavs lived without the three-ball up to that point, shooting just 2 of 17 from beyond the arc for the first two and a half quarters.Cleveland led Miami 76-67 heading into the fourth quarter, as Love and LeBron each scored 22 up to that point.Love would finish with 24 points. LeBron scored a game-high 27 points in 33 minutes of action.“It’s the home opener, the first time since the Finals our fans have seen us in a game that mattered,” James said. “For them to come out and show their support it’s the least we could do to play as hard as we did and get that win.”The Cavs held down the fort in the fourth quarter and went on to win the game 102-92, to improve to 2-1 on the season.Miami could not get going offensively much of the night aside from Wade and Bosh, as Wade scored 25 points and Bosh contributed 16.“I just felt like in general that we came to this game in a much more relaxed and confident state,” Cavs coach David Blatt said.The 2-1 Cavs’ next game is Monday at Philadelphia, tip-off at 7 PM.last_img read more