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Nate Kondo Joins Harsco GasServ

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American Welding & Gas acquires Norton Welding Supply

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Ezion Embarks on Chinese Offshore Wind Journey

first_imgSelf-propelled vessel “Teras Conquest” (Photo: Ezion Holdings/Teras Offshore)Ezion Holdings Limited, a Singapore-based provider of liftboats and service rigs has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with a Chinese state-owned enterprise to support offshore wind projects in China.Under the agreement, Ezion will support the unnamed state-owned company by using its service rigs for loading, construction, transportation and installation of wind turbines. In addition, Ezion will also provide the relevant technical expertise required for the construction and installation of wind turbine foundations.The Chinese state-owned enterprise is part of a central enterprise power generation corporation under supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China, Ezion explained.The enterprise will be responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction, as well as the operations and maintenance, of an entire offshore wind power project.China has set a target of 5GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2015 and 30GW by 2020 in its current 5-year plan. As the target has yet to be met, it is expected that the number of offshore wind power installation projects in China will increase over the next few years, Ezion highlighted.last_img read more


Heads up

first_imgObiter has noted a tendency among lawyer friends to find an artistic outlet in painting a certain kind of, shall we say, very nice watercolour of flowers/trees/ivy/chateaux (or all four). Utterly luffley and all that, and we all have to start somewhere. But our attention has been drawn to something possibly even better – Cobham solicitor Nimal Jayawardhena’s more elemental and minimalist sculpture of headless archer Drona in soft steel, from the Indian epic Mahabharata. In the tale, a warrior is searching for his son’s soul. As ever in matters of artistic good taste, Obiter is in fine company – the organisers of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition have selected it from 11,000 works submitted for the show, which runs until 12 August. Drona carries a £1,000 price tag, and, if it sells, Jayawardhena has pledged his 70% share to Action for Addiction, a charity supported by the Duchess of Cambridge. Obiter is in the process of trying to sell a few pastoral scenes of the Dordogne to raise the cash to buy it – though we’d expect one of our readers to get there first.last_img read more


Norrström Tunnel contract placed

first_imgSWEDEN: Banverket has awarded NCC Construction the SKr1·5bn contract for the Norrström tunnel, the section of the Stockholm Citybanan project between Riddarholmen and Gamla Brogatan. The work will be carried out under a new partnership model with Banverket. The contract covers the construction of a two-platform City station beneath the existing T-Centralen metro station, and tunnels from Riddarholmen. Running in tunnel, the 6 km Citybanan will connect Södra station with Tomteboda, doubling capacity through central Stockholm in 2017.last_img read more


Infrastructure: Making maintenance smarter

first_imgDigital asset management and innovative rail treatment techniques lie at the heart of Vossloh Rail Services’ integrated approach to track maintenance. Managing Director Marcel Taubert explains the company’s strategy to Chris Jackson in Hamburg.,‘Times are beginning to change’, and rail life needs to be managed ‘from delivery to disposal’, believes Marcel Taubert, Managing Director of Vossloh Rail Services. Pointing to the benefits of switching from a cyclic maintenance regime based on time intervals, he says more and more railways are moving to condition-based maintenance. -to ensure a smooth finish.Taubert estimates that this could triple the quality of the grinding result, as making several finer passes would improve the smoothness of the final. Vossloh envisages that the grinding wheels would be positioned slightly differently on each pass, in order to cover the whole of the anti-head-check profile. Vossloh is now working on a geofencing option which would lift the grinding wheels in predetermined locations, allowing the HSG to perform a full cross-sectional correction on ‘normal’ routes.Vossloh is also investigating the potential for coupling two HSG grinding units together behind a powerful locomotive, in order to complete more work in fewer passes; it believes the HSG-Twin concept could further reduce line occupancy and traction costs.From grinding to millingOver the past decade, Vossloh has gradually expanded its expertise in the rail milling market, from a 2012 joint venture in Austria to the launch of its high-performance miller in 2017 and the versatile multi-purpose miller at InnoTrans 2018. In November 2018 VRS announced that it was taking over Strabag’s rail milling business, adding a further four machines to its portfolio.This investment paid off in September, when its subsidiary Alpha Rail Team was awarded a four-year framework contract by ProRail to undertake all corrective rail maintenance on the 7 000 track-km Dutch network using milling rather than grinding to remove rolling contact fatigue damage and other defects.Milling allows significantly more material to be removed in a single pass than grinding, albeit at lower speeds. Using a cutter head that machines the full rail profile, a standard miller can remove up to 1·8 mm from the running surface to an accuracy of 0·1 mm, and as much as 5 mm from the gauge corner.Vossloh’s HPM high-performance miller can cut up to 3 mm off the running surface and up to 9 mm from the gauge corner, thanks to its larger 1 400 mm diameter milling wheel. This is partnered with smaller vertically mounted face-milling units to remove any residual ripple, allowing the machine to achieve the required roughness quality while operating at up to 1·5 km/h.Augmenting the high-performance machines, Vossloh is currently expanding its fleet of smaller multi-purpose millers used for treating short sections of rail at ‘hot spots’. The original machine unveiled at InnoTrans will shortly be shipped to China, and at the end of 2019, Vossloh’s Harburg factory completed the assembly of its second MPM, which is destined to join the company’s North American service fleet. A third machine for use in Europe is currently under construction.Vossloh is also deploying road-rail milling trucks, which it believes are ideally suited to small-scale projects including work on grooved tram rails. The SF02 W-FS road-rail unit has been fitted with a modified milling wheel and machining software, to create what the company believes is the first machine able to reprofile entire turnouts from toe to heel, including the crossing area. A key to smarter maintenance is the use of digital technologies, collecting and analysing data on rail condition to inform damage prevention and rectification strategies. This should provide railway engineers with more certainty in their planning and decision-making, he believes.Taubert explains that the VRS service portfolio is built around three key pillars: ‘sensing, seeing and solving’. Last year, the company began fitting many of its rail reprofiling machines with an array of measuring sensors, which can be used to assess rail condition before the start of work and to confirm that the desired results have been achieved. As well as checking the cross profile of each rail and any longitudinal variations such as corrugation, VRS is using eddy current testing to identify rail cracks.Targeted asset managementSimply collecting data is not enough, however. Analytic tools are essential to assess the condition information, predict deterioration rates and provide targeted recommendations to optimise the maintenance cycle.Last year, Vossloh formed a joint venture with Rhomberg Sersa, giving VRS a stake in the asset management system, which has been under continuous development since 1994. The joint venture in Trier specialises in inspection and analysis software but also provides related training, says RSV’s Andreas has been designed as an open system that can take data from a wide range of sources to compile a full record of infrastructure condition and the work being undertaken. The software has been used for the past decade by Hamburg port authority HHA to manage its 290 track-km network which is currently handling around 200 trains/day. Regularly updated as new functionality became available, was interfaced to HHA’s enterprise management system in 2017 to allow automated allocation of costs at an individual object level.Using regular monitoring and analysis, infrastructure managers can monitor asset condition and predict rail wear, helping to identify the potential for sustainable cost reductions by adapting the reprofiling cycle to the wear rate.A structured storage approach means that data, analyses and reports can be bundled for access by authorised users from different organisations, including the asset owner and maintenance contractor(s). Interfacing condition monitoring with an ERP system allows for costing, ordering and billing to be integrated with the work planning.In addition to, Vossloh has launched its own app-based tool, known as ‘mapl-e’ (for maintenance planning easy). This is intended to simplify and speed up the planning of repair and maintenance tasks, with a focus on intuitive usability.Using a simple database, mapl-e gives asset managers easy access to the latest condition data, which can be compared automatically against predetermined limit values in order to evaluate different intervention scenarios. Factors including cost, time and the need for track closures can be compared in selecting a preferred option. Once an option has been selected, the track condition data can be transmitted directly to the grinding or milling machines.During a recent customer symposium in Hamburg, Vossloh presented the mapl-e app using sample measurements taken by its HSG high speed grinding train, which has been fitted with a laser measurement system and other sensors. While performing a grinding run at 80 km/h, the sensors record machining data to inform the next pass. Dynamically adjusting the downward pressure on the grinding wheels and their angle of attack ensures that the rails are ground where needed and that the amount of material removed is minimised. Vossloh’s High Performance Miller uses a 1 400 mm diameter cutting wheel…High speed grinding VRS believes that its modified SF02 W-FS road-rail milling truck is the first machine able to reprofile entire turnouts including both the switch blades and crossing nose.Service Level AgreementsWith condition-based maintenance enabling railway operators and infrastructure managers to move away from fixed maintenance cycles, Taubert says VRS has recognised that the traditional contract models for rail rectification work are becoming less appropriate. The group is therefore trialling the Service Level Agreement concept, having agreed a three-year contract with DB Netz to maintain the rails and turnouts on a route between Leipzig and Dresden.The partners believe that the SLA approach will allow the maintenance workload to be tailored to suit the actual infrastructure condition. The contractor would be able to deploy its equipment more flexibly, while the infrastructure manager should benefit from a guaranteed track quality at an agreed price.Under Project 6363, Vossloh has guaranteed to maintain the condition of the rails and turnouts on the trial route to a pre-defined quality, ensuring that rail defect rates, longitudinal and transverse profiles of the rail heads remain within the specified tolerances. The contract provides for a reduction in RCF damage by the end of the trial period.center_img Marcel Taubert introduced the smart maintenance strategy to infrastructure managers and engineers at the 2019 VRS Symposium in Hamburg.Noting that traffic volumes have been rising on many main lines, in some cases doubling, Taubert says the expectation is that modal shift will continue to drive rail demand upwards over the coming years. ‘The infrastructure will be more heavily utilised, and maintenance will be a challenge for all of us’, he predicts, explaining that many railways have already seen increases in both the frequency of rail damage on busy routes and the speed at which it advances.Responding to market demand, Taubert says VRS is looking to harness its experience of rail and turnout maintenance in markets as far apart as Europe and China to provide an integrated service portfolio, backed up by Service Level Agreements which are now being trialled with customers such as DB Netz in Germany. -and smaller vertically mounted face millers…Building on 12 years of experience with its high speed grinding technology in Europe and Asia, Vossloh is now trialling a new approach using its HSG-2 grinding trains in Germany. Increasing the operating speed from 80 to 100 km/h or even 120 km/h would allow more work to be done between revenue services, avoiding the need for track closures. Bundling eight or nine passes into a single intervention and removing up to 0·3 mm of metal in total would reduce the time required for setting up the work, as well as the related costs for hiring in traction. Vossloh’s first production Multi-Purpose Miller was demonstrated to potential customers at the symposium in Hamburg before being shipped to China.The partners undertook a detailed examination of the line before the start of the contract, in order to agree the initial condition of the assets. VRS is deploying its HSGs on a preventive cycle to keep the rails in good condition, with milling if necessary to tackle any significant defects that emerge. It is using its Flexis system to undertake preventive and corrective machining of turnouts, removing any burrs, head checks or corrugations from the rails, building up worn parts with welding if necessary. VRS is also responsible for maintaining the insulated block joints, which can often be a significant contributor to rough riding and rail wear.Based on the ‘very good results’ achieved in the first period, Taubert says the partners are now ‘on the way to prolonging the trial’. Meanwhile, the is currently negotiating with SLAs with production departments in other parts of Germany, and is looking to introduce the concept elsewhere, having recently founded a service subsidiary in France.This article first appeared in the January 2020 issue of Railway Gazette International magazine.last_img read more


Interview: Kaitlyn Baker talks songwriting, touring and plans for 2020

first_imgKaitlyn Baker has rapidly won herself national treasure status among UK country fans.Originally from a small town in Virginia, Baker stepped into the breach following the cancellation of the C2C: Country to Country festival last week, where she performed at short notice to a packed All Bar One, alongside King Calaway. She won over the crowd with her rock-influenced style and fantastic storytelling and it’s safe to say she’ll be an artist many fans are looking forward to seeing again – which you can do on Destination Country on Thursday 26th March, when she plays the first ‘Live In Your Living Room’ show.Ahead of Kaitlyn’s debut London performance, I sat down with her to talk about how she approaches her songwriting, what she’s learned from touring over the years and her plans for 2020.Hi Kaitlyn! How have you been finding your trip over to the UK?It is awesome. I love it.What’s the reaction from the fans here been like? Has there been anything that’s surprised you at all?Just the overwhelming amount of messages that I’m received online has been really crazy. We’re just really excited that we were able to put this show on tonight.How would you describe your music?So I’m from a small town in Virginia, it’s called Pound, and I grew up around a lot of bluegrass music pretty much my whole life. But I also grew up listening to old rock and roll music. So I feel like there’s just a combination of a rootsy sound but also there’s flairs of modern sounds in there as well. I almost like to think it’s kind of like a cross between Miranda Lambert and Carly Pearce, in a way? [laughs]<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>One thing which really stood out to me about your music is the stories and the characters in your songs. Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind those?Oh my gosh, my family and just the stories that I grew up listening to from my grandmother. I grew up listening to so many different stories from my grandmother, so I drew a lot of inspiration from her, as well as just where I’m from and the people that I’ve met along this journey of music. It’s been pretty incredible.You co-wrote all the songs on your most recent EP, Blackbird. Do you have a typical songwriting process?Oh my gosh. It just always varies. I think everybody is different when it comes to songwriting. Y’know, I can never really think of a time that’s been the same. But Nashville’s such a cool place. It’s known for its songwriting and just the people that have such creative minds. So every time I get in the writing room it’s just interesting to see the different mindset and the different type of people you can draw inspiration from and get into a room and write with. It’s never really the same but I will say most of the time it comes from some kind of story that you just can never really explain to people until you just sit down and put it in a song, and it just comes alive. It’s amazing.Do you ever get writer’s block or anything like that?Yes! [laughs] I totally do! I totally get writer’s block. So I actually had my gall bladder removed at the beginning of this year, so I took a couple of months off [laughs]. So I definitely wasn’t writing any music or anything. But I think, y’know, it just comes and goes. It’s just one of those things.You’ve got plans to come back to the UK a lot this year – Buckle & Boots, touring with Jade Helliwell – so what can people coming to those shows expect?A rocking good time! You’re gonna hear a lot of good country stories from where I’m from, stories about my family, and some just good country music.What have you learnt from touring and being on the road over the years?Y’know, I think the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from, especially being able to tour with other artists or even being able to open for somebody, is the fact that everybody is different and you take away something from every new show that you see. So I’ve tried to listen and learn and be able to take that, and put that in a part of my show in some way or another.What’s the one song you wish you’d written?Oh my goodness! I have a lot of people ask me this and it’s so hard. Ummm… I am such a huge Vince Gill fan, and I have adored him since I was a child. So really I can’t name a specific song, but really anything that Vince Gill has written, I absolutely adore. I’m not gonna give you a specific one, but I will say something Vince Gill [laughs].What’s in the pipeline for you over the next few months? Obviously you’ve got the tours planned here in the UK and I know you just got engaged as well – congratulations on that…I know, thank you! Gosh, we’re touring in the US, we’re gonna be touring here in the UK, I’m getting married like you said. My sister actually just had a baby a month and a half ago so I’m living the aunt life right now. So just so much stuff between my personal life and also music, so I’m excited to put the new stuff out and be touring.Is the new stuff going to be similar to Blackbird? Or will it be a different direction?It’s gonna be somewhat similar but I think it is gonna have more of a different feel, so I’m really excited about that. I think the fans are really gonna enjoy it a lot.Are there any plans for an album? Or maybe an EP?No announcement of an album, not just yet. We are in the studio, so I have no date or anything like that right now, but I am very excited to be putting new music out soon.Kaitlyn’s latest EP, Blackbird, is available now.Kaitlyn will be performing as part of Destination Country ‘Live In Your Living Room’ on 26 March at 9pm. Find out more and get tickets here.See Kaitlyn live on tour in the UK later this year:22 May – Buckle & Boots Festival, Stockport31 August – Over The Hills Festival, Witney2 September – The Grace, London (with Jade Helliwell)5 September – Kirkhamgate Village Hall, Wakefield (with Jade Helliwell)7 September – The Hug and Pint, Glasgow (with Jade Helliwell)8 September – The New Adelphi Club, Hull (with Jade Helliwell)10 September – The Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool (with Jade Helliwell)11 September – Trade Street Cafe, Cardifflast_img read more


DOC president commends athletic team

first_imgPresident of the Dominica Olympic Commitee, Billy DoctrovePresident of the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC), Billy Doctrove has commended the leadership of the group of athletes who represented Dominica at the Commonwealth Games for the team’s success.Doctrove noted that the success of the team at the commonwealth games was an “outstanding achievement”, especially when considering Dominica’s size and the number of athletes that went to the games.Doctrove stated that the entire team must be applauded for its performance, especially coming of the destruction of Hurricane Maria.“All our athletes, coaches, officials, and all those associated with ensuring our team’s participation must be complimented for the great teamwork,” Doctrove stated.“Many of the participating countries were asking as to how we could have done that in particular, so soon after the ravages of Hurricane Maria. The phrase ‘leadership is everything’ was used on many occasions to describe our success,” Doctrove added.Doctrove also praised the accomplishments of the three Dominican athletes who won medals in their respective areas over the past year, adding that the committee is hopeful for their continued success in their respectful areas.“Firstly we had Danelson Mahautiere, who copped the silver medal in the 200 meters at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas, and Thea Lafond who won a bronze medal, and Yordanys Garcia who won a silver medal in Triple Jump at the Commonwealth Games in Australia,” Doctrove added. LocalNewsSports DOC president commends athletic team   by: – June 14, 2018 Share Share Sharing is caring!center_img 42 Views   no discussions Share Tweetlast_img read more


Peffers Named GSC Freshman of the Week

first_imgKANSAS CITY, Mo. –*Freshman midfielder Peyton Peffers was very impressive in her start to her UWF career, scoring a goal and having an assist in her first game as an Argo. In her second game as an Argonaut she stayed on the attack getting off 4 more shots on goal against Florida Tech.*The No. 4 University of West Florida women’s soccer team will continue their trip in the Peach State by heading to Albany and Young Harris this weekend. They will face off against Albany State University on Friday at 7:00pm ET and Young Harris College on Sunday at noon ET.*Both contests this weekend will feature live video and live stats, which can be found at or by clicking on the links above.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more


Traveller Serbu Penerbangan Tiga Jam ‘Tanpa Tujuan’ Royal Brunei Airlines

first_imgIlustrasi Royal Brunei Airlines. Foto: Asiaone Demam “flights to nowhere” atau penerbangan tanpa tujuan masih terus terjadi. Usai Singapore Airlines dikabarkan bakal melaunching penerbangan tanpa tujuan pada Oktober mendatang, kini giliran Royal Brunei Airlines. Dengan harga tiket mulai dari US$106 atau sekitar Rp1,5 juta (kurs Rp15.000), traveller akan diajak jalan-jalan keliling negeri bahkan sampai ke negara tetangga. Tak ayal, tawaran terbang tanpa tujuan Royal Brunei Airlines pun diserbu traveller.Baca juga: Singapore Airlines Tawarkan Traveller Terbang Tiga Jam ‘Tanpa Tujuan’Lewat program “Dine & Fly”, maskapai penerbangan nasional Brunei Darussalam ini akan mengerahkan salah satu dari tujuh Airbus A320neo dalam penerbangan tanpa tujuan, mengelilingi Brunei Darussalam dan beberapa destinasi negara tetangga Malaysia, seperti Kota Kinabalu dan Labuan selama hampir tiga jam. Selain itu, sebelum mendarat di Bandara Internasional Brunei (BWN), traveller juga akan diajak mengelilingi Jembatan Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien sepanjang 30 kilometer (19 mil) yang notabene merupakan ikon Brunei. Jembatan ini dibuka pada 17 Maret 2020 lalu, menelan biaya B$1,2 miliar atau sekitar Rp13 triliun (kurs Rp11.000) dan sekarang menjadi jembatan terpanjang di Asia Tenggara.Layaknya penerbangan pada umumnya, penumpang juga akan disuguhkan hidangan khas Brunei Darussalam saat on board, seperti nasi lemak (sejenis nasi uduk atau nasi kuning) dengan ayam goreng atau ayam masak kunyit kedayan, gula sago melaka, dan aneka buah-buahan.Atas ide bisnis tersebut, Menteri Keuangan dan Ekonomi Brunei, Dato Seri Setia, sangat mengapresiasi langkah maskapai. Menurutnya, di masa pandemi Covid-19 seperti sekarang ini, maskapai harus pandai mencari cara agar tetap berpenghasilan.“Selama pandemi Covid-19, semua bisnis harus kreatif untuk menarik pendapatan. Untuk Royal Brunei, pesawat tidak terbang ke tujuan seperti biasanya. Konsep baru ini akan memberikan kesempatan bagi pilot untuk terus terbang dan juga bagi masyarakat yang kangen terbang agar bisa berpartisipasi,” jelasnya kepada media lokal Star, sebagaimana dikutip dari Simple Flying.Sementara itu, Direktur Keuangan Royal Brunei Airlines, Nurbahriah Eliza Binti Abdullah, menyebut penerbangan tersebut tetap menjalankan protokol kesehatan ketat baik pra maupun saat dalam penerbangan. Untuk di dalam penerbangan, maskapai memberlakukan pengosongan kursi tengah.Baca juga: Kabin Airbus A320 Royal Brunei Dipenuhi Asap Tipis, Pihak Maskapai Sebut “Insiden Power Bank”“Kami memiliki langkah physical distancing dimana kursi tengah dibiarkan kosong. Pesawat kami juga dilengkapi dengan filter High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) yang bekerja dengan baik untuk membasmi patogen berbahaya. Brunei saat ini masih mengalami adanya kasus positif Covid-19 sehingga kami tidak bisa mendarat di negara lain,” ujarnya.Menurut Star, sekira 300 orang saat ini sudah mendaftar untuk ambil bagian dalam penerbangan “Dine & Fly” pada 20 September 2020 mendatang. Penerbangan tanpa tujuan Royal Brunei Airlines, untuk kelas ekonomi, dibanderol dengan harga $106 atau sekitar Rp1,5 juta (kurs Rp15.000) dan kelas bisnis seharga $145 atau sekitar Rp2,1 juta (kurs Rp15.000).Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedPenerbangan ‘Tanpa Tujuan’ Qantas Diserbu Traveller, 10 Menit Ludes Terjual21/09/2020In “Analisa Angkutan”Singapore Airlines Tawarkan Traveller Terbang Tiga Jam ‘Tanpa Tujuan’14/09/2020In “Destinasi”Kabin Airbus A320 Royal Brunei Dipenuhi Asap Tipis, Pihak Maskapai Sebut “Insiden Power Bank”07/01/2019In “Featured”last_img read more